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The happy ground beneath my feet


Sometimes, you come across pictures that make you stop on your tracks and make you change your mind and perspective. I thought I’d never say yes to colored floors – except white. I still remember entering Hair Collective here in San Francisco and thinking ‘wow, they had the guts to paint their wooden floors royal blue, and it looks amazing!’ 

In my own home, I don’t think I would dare choosing a bright color for my flooring : fear of commitment maybe – except that in our current rental, one of the bathrooms has some bright apple green large tiles and it looks pretty good to be honest.

In these http://www.topambienonline.com interiors, it works, and it works so beautifully, the floors become THE center piece of the decor. Demonstration.

Would you dare painting your floors with an unexpected color? 

Colorful floors | French By Design

Brooke Holm via My Scandinavian Home

Colorful floors | French By Design

Denis Sytmen via Bolig

Colorful floors | French By Design

Pernille Kaalund via Bolig Magasinet


Title image : Permanent marker floors designed by German Artist Heike Weber. Read more here.



  • Carly

    You always manage to pick dreamy spaces to illustrate a point; I’d generally say ‘heck no’ to colorful floors, but I’m in love with the ones you selected, especially the light blue and green one. Great inspiration, thank you!

  • Taste of France

    Carly is right–I thought yikes, with the fuchsia circles (though I would love it in a café or shop, just not at home). There are many things I like to visit but wouldn’t want to live with. Yet, you found some very livable examples!

    • French By Design

      Yes, the permanent marker one is for a café, but I found the idea and concept so unique I had to share it, @Taste of France. Glad to read you found some livable inspiration in my selection. Xx-

  • Carla

    These are fantastic! I love them all, the pink is amazing, then dreamy blue, fresh green. The only one I wasn’t feeling was the yellow. Perhaps it was the room itself,

  • Lana Shon

    Great article. Thanks!

  • Simone

    We have had a very dark blue floor for about 13 years now. I can recommend it, but only for spaces that have enough direct sunlight.