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Weekend links


Happy weekend, guys! Any fun plans on your end? We’re planning on heading to the beach this weekend and enjoying the rare heat San Francisco is gifting us with this coming weekend, a major house cleaning because Miss Daisy is shedding like crazy and her coat is transitioning into the Fall season, then some simple cooking and voilà, a pretty relaxing weekend away from the computer is what I have in mind.

Weekend Links | French By Design

Before I sign off for the weekend, here are some favorite links found around the web this week.

  • Love the simplicity of Marloes and  Robert’s home in the city of Enschede, Netherlands. These neon painted chairs are so pretty – great idea to steal, don’t you think?

Wishing you a lovely weekend, blog friends! Xo, Si-


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  • Taste of France

    After telling my kid not to use real names or places on the Internet, I cannot publish personal photos online. It boggles my mind how much some people share about their kids, almost using them like props.
    That teen article is great. There also was an interesting interview on the On Point podcast: http://www.wbur.org/onpoint/2016/09/19/navigate-adolescence

    • French By Design

      Yes, we’ve had multiple discussions with my girls about what I share online about them. For the longest time, they did not want to be photographed, and I respected their decisions. Then, they wanted to appear sometimes on the blog. We play it by ear. I agree that sometimes, it feels like kids are used as props, and I feel uncomfortable with the idea.

      Will have to check this On Point podcast. Thank you for sharing the link, @Taste of France! Have a lovely weekend!

  • Cynthia

    LOVE your weekend links, looking forward to reading your finds every time you post these! Thanks so much for sharing your finds and for the constant inspiration. Big fan of your work!

    • French By Design

      Oh, thank you @Cynthia! Happy to hear that you enjoy the weekend links series! Thank you for your kind words! Xo, Si-