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Fig season is at its peak, and I already mentioned my fascination for this fruit on the blog – and shared some recipes on the blog in the past, here, here, or here. So I rounded up my favorite fig recipes, a total of 11 delicious recipes using fig as a main ingredient.

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Figs with Mascarpone Crème Fraiche
French By Design
Grilled fig pizza | Spinach prosciutto honeydew fig salad | Goat cheese crostini with fig-olive tapenade | Triple pig and fig braai broodjies
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Honey Yogurt Fig Pops
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Honey-Thyme Ricotta with Fig Toast | Fig mascarpone and whipped cream tart with maple syrup | Balsamic berry and fig pavlova | Almond-crusted goat cheese, peach and fig salad
French By Design
Chocolate Covered Figs

What’s your favorite fig recipe? Any recipe of yours you’d care to share? I’d love to try yours! Xo, Si-


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8 thoughts on “Food Files | Favorite Fig Recipes

  1. Even though we gorge on them while we’re picking, we rarely have enough left to make a recipe. But when we manage not to snarf them up immediately, we just love a fig/serrano ham combo. That salty-sweet mix is so good.

    1. Dang, roasted figs AND gorgonzola in one recipe? I’m in! Thanks, @Ilana!

  2. In love with all those fig recipes.
    I made a fig clafoutis last week.
    Took a picture of it but I don’t know how to upload it here.

  3. I’m going to try the grilled Fig pizza! Now that the kids are in school full-time, I have the energy to try new recipes and I Looooove figs ;) Pinned!

  4. An elegant stewed fig compote dessert recipe and so refreshingly simple:
    Create a syrup made from either Marsala or Port wine and honey; simmer a bit before adding whole fresh figs and continue until reduced. Cool down to allow for flavors to develop (best overnight in fridge) and serve warmed with a mixture of ricotta, roasted sliced almonds, lemon zest, sugar, and vanilla…does not disappoint :)

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