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20 interiors that prove the velvet trend is going strong


Go velvet or go home. Velvet is going strong in 2016, from interior design to fashion – my Pinterest feed is filled with velvet pumps or velvet jackets. Have you noticed as well?

So here are 20 interiors that showcase velvet in full action. No, velvet is not your grandma’s interior fabric anymore. The bolder, the better : think deep blues and navy, paprika hues or fuchsia to modernize this fabric and embrace the trend.

Do you like velvet? How would you use velvet in your interior?


  • Taste of France

    I am so attracted to velvet. But: is this a trend, or is this a classic? I don’t follow trends. I’m more concerned about the environment (I had a nightmare last night that there was no rain, no water, no food…am I nuts or do other people worry about this?) than about aesthetics, though I think there’s a way to have both. That is: don’t switch out, change, throw away every couple of years. I recently acquired some antiques and otherwise just old furniture. Rather than toss it, I want to refresh. But not refresh in an annual sense. I want to refresh for at least a decade. Is velvet the answer? The furniture and the space seem to demand something more elegant than canvas and other “shabby chic” upholstery. I am interested in your thoughts. Will velvet endure?

    • French By Design

      I’ve always loved the luxuriousness of velvet, especially when it comes to upholstery of vintage chairs or armchairs. While I think the trend of velvet in fashion is not necessarily here to stay [I wouldn’t buy an expensive designer suit in velvet fabric or would think twice about velvet pumps], I think velvet is always a classic in interior design : on furniture or accessories, like pillows and curtains. I totally agree with you @Taste of France. Buying trendy stuff to re-buy on the next trend is not my thing either. What’s new, however, is the use of bold color choices in velvet fabric : instead of choosing a plain color, try to go for a deep green, a dark blue or a curry hue. This helps modernize the vintage chair or sofa and give it a contemporary feel. I hope this answers your question! Xo-

  • Clara B

    Beautiful photos!! I’m in love with velvet!! But it’s so difficult to find the real one!!!To much synthetic options!! I have velvet everywhere in my house but the most cherish piece i have it’s my wedding dress made with real velvet by a local designer!

    I love the mustard sofa and the lovely rich color of the curtain in a other image!!

    Have a beautiful day !

    • French By Design

      Ha, yes, for velvet to look and feel luxurious, you are absolutely right, no polyester or synthetics – it gives it a cheap shine. I agree that it’s hard to find true velvet though. Thanks for stopping by @Clara! Xx-

  • Stacey Sheppard

    I love all these velvet sofas in deep jewel colours. Not sure how I feel about texture of velvet though.

  • Giovanna

    Me encantan todas las opciones, me parece que el terciopelo hace que los muebles se vean exoticos y aportan al ambiente personalidad. De igual manera los accesorios como cortinas. Mis preferidos los azules turquesas. Simplemente bello!