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Trending | Round Sunglasses


Have you noticed the big trend of round sunglasses? They’re everywhere this summer, everywhere!

French By Design

I myself fell for one pair this summer. I had to replace my old Aviators, all scratched and distorted and went for the sleeker look of Ray-Ban’s round metallic frames.

If you are in the market for round sunglasses, I love the selection at Urban Outfitters, Ray-Ban [ my favorites!], or Need Supply Co.

French By Design

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  • Ardith

    I’m with you, Si. I love the round sunglasses style, so much so that I bought four pairs from Forever 21. I love them all, the different styles and sizes, the comfort…not to mention the amazing prices. I won’t have to feel too badly if any pair is damaged or lost (although I would be sad). I always keep a back up pair in my purse. Cheers, Ardith

    • French By Design

      Oh, haven’t seen the Forever 21 collection.
      I’m with you, I have very light eyes, and can’t function without sunglasses [that SF light is a killer!] so I have sunglasses in my car, hubby’s car, and one at home for the backyard or walks to the park with Daisy. Thanks @Ardith for the info on Forever 21, will go check their collection out! Xx-

  • Taste of France

    Round lenses work really well with arched eyebrows–sometimes with square frames that aren’t absolutely huge, one’s eyebrows stick out all alone above the frames.

  • Sara

    How lovely of a trend, wish I had the face shape to pull it off! Thanks for sharing ??

  • Angelina

    I love this trend as well! Especially the more modern, sleek takes <3

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin’