Bits and pieces : vacation 2016

Oh hey, I’m back from my summer escape! We had a fabulous time visiting my sister, brother-in-law and niece, 11-month-old baby Kira, in Washington, DC, then headed out to Florida where we spent a few days in Fort Lauderdale and then the Florida Keys. Here are a few pics from our family trip.

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We stayed at the W Hotel in Fort Lauderdale and spent some extensive time at the pool and the beach, because the temperature was a scorching – and very humid – 95+ degrees, a big change from the gloomy San Francisco July weather we left behind us.

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Then we hit the road to the Florida Keys, and vacationed in Marathon, FL, in a charming resort called Tranquility Bay. Hubby surprised us with a beachfront house rental, and waking up to this view every morning was quite spectacular! If you plan on vacationing in the area, I strongly recommend this resort : beautiful architecture, very peaceful and quite, white sand beaches, and the staff is extremely nice [special mention to Otis at the front desk for feeding my caffeine addiction and giving me extra doses of coffee for the room’s coffee maker!]

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We also went on a snorkeling expedition. Maya, Inès and I were scared as s**t about a shark encounter [thank you Shark week!] but we only met colorful fishes and a couple of dolphins who jumped out of the water during our boat ride to say hello. Another true magic moment!

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How is your summer going? Can you believe we’re only a few weeks away from back to school? :/


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11 thoughts on “Bits and pieces : vacation 2016

    1. Thank you @Ardith! It felt really good to reconnect – away from iPhones and the web – with our teen girls. Hope you’re fully enjoying your summer as well! Xo-

    1. Haha, thank you @Taste of France. Sipping coffee in the early sunrise hours really felt like living in a postcard! Xx-

  1. Beautiful pics!!! Ça donne une autre image de la Floride)) J’ai toujours voulu visiter les Keys mais cette année nous sommes allés à Terre-Neuve. Absolument fantastique… d’une beauté incroyable et des paysages à couper le souffle et ce sans parler de la gentillesse de sa population. Bon retour à SF!

    1. Woah, la chance, @Clara! Terre-Neuve… une autre destination que je rêve de découvrir! Contente d’apprendre que tu as passé de belles vacances avec ta tribu. Bise-

  2. Amazing photos! Sounds like the perfect escape! Can’t wait to discover that part of the USA during one of our next travels!

  3. Welcome back Si! Looks like an amazing trip! Glad that you did not meet any sharks! ;-) I was always too scared to go further than 10m from the beach – next time I will think of you and it might help me to overcome my fear and have an amazing experience. xx, B

    1. Haha, you should have seen us though, it was quite pathetic. We all held hands for almost 10 minutes in the water before any of us could relax. Then, we let go because the coral reefs were so beautiful and there were so many colorful fishes under us.
      Damn “Jaws” movie, I had the song playing in my head the entire time, which clearly did not help! :-)) Do it Birgit, just do it!

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