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Hey there, the blog is going on summer mode, which means a slower pace. I am still around, but with the kids off of school and the longer days of summer, I won’t be online as much. The blog will be active, but on a slower summer pace – like we do each summer. I also decided to challenge myself this summer and take more photography, so I’ll be posting bits and pieces of my whereabouts : new spots and neighborhoods I discover in San Francisco, road trip pictures of our family adventures here in California, or on the East Coast where we’re planning to visit family.

French By Design

Before I unplug for the weekend, here are my favorite links this week:

  • I’m definitely planning on trying this recipe very soon.
  • Have you seen The Fear of 13 on Netflix? A must see, heartbreaking story.
  • I can not wait to get my hands on this. Cute and very clever design!
  • I could not stop laughing while reading this. Following an article telling us what not to wear past the age of 30, this author came up with a glorious counter-article. I could not agree more.
  • What’s your greatest ambition? I love this one by icon Janis Joplin:

Wishing you a lovely weekend! Xo, Si-


Top image : French By Design


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