Escape to South Africa

OK, it’s that time of the year when my eyes are drawn to escape locations. This home, located 70 kilometers from Cape Town, in Rooi Els, has breathtaking views of the Atlantic coast. Open to the wind and the outdoors, the interior features some amazing lounge chairs and fluffy sofas. I could see myself lounging all day long here, enjoying the view, couldn’t you?

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Photos : Warren Heath via Casa 


10 thoughts on “Escape to South Africa

  1. I travel for seven weeks a few years ago in South Africa and the nature, the sea, hte beach and landscape are absolutely amazing and breathtaking…The diversity of culture… and his complex history… It’s a fascinating country in such many ways ( for good things and bad things). Sorry to end my comment like that.

    Have a beautiful day!

    1. No apologies needed, @Clara. I feel the same about Morocco – it’s fascinating, but offers both ends of the spectrum, the absolute best and some of the worst in what humanity has to offer. South Africa is on my bucket list, lucky you for visiting it for a full-seven-week vacation. Xo-

      1. I live in South Africa. It’s a tourist’s paradise. The rand is the lowest in the history of this country, so you can shop till you drop and stay in the best five star hotels! Lol. Cape Town is the most beautiful city in the world. Please come and visit!

        1. Thanks @Daleen. It’s on my bucket list, so I really hope to make it one day. XO-

    2. Don’t say sorry Clara, my sister lived in SA for 2,5 years (after apartheid was abolished), she (and her husband) decided to relocate back to Europe because it was just so incredibly dangerous on a daily basis. Some of the stories I have heard -from her friends there at the time- will raise your hair.
      But it is absolutely one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited in my life. If anyone reading this wants to go there, educate yourself on how to stay safe before you go and enjoy yourself while you are there (The Drakensbergen and God’s Window are breathtaking).

      1. PS how cool are those couches?
        I do wonder how they mop the floor with those couches.

  2. Hello!
    South Africa is truly an amazing place! I am French and met a South African in Mexico 13 years ago.
    We are now married with kids. I’ve been staying in Joburg for 12 years now and love this country!!!!
    I even started my own travel agency for SA to share this country with others!
    What a fantastic place! Let me know if you are coming here!

    1. Thanks so much @Marie! I will let you know when I come – fingers crossed that it’s happening soon. XO-

  3. Partner and myself love outdoor and travel. Your blog as above caught my eyes and I couldn’t find that accommodation as loves to come to Rooi Els.

    1. Thank you for your comment @Claire. I don’t believe this house is for rent or offers any sort of public accommodations. Maybe worth looking on travel sites to find accommodations for your next trip there. Safe travels!

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