Copy and paste this look

Remember my post a few weeks ago about creating a new series, using a random inspiring picture and showing you how to replicate the look, aka copy and paste?

Welcome to a new installment of this fun series! This picture made me stop in my tracks : the walls, the mood, the soft dusty pink hues, and the overall simplicity of the space.

[Click on the + icon to copy and paste the look].

Voilà, copied and pasted! Xo, Si-


10 thoughts on “Copy and paste this look

    1. Thank you @Margarita! I’m having so much fun with this blog series!

  1. ah, i love this concept! if you could just hop over to my Pinterest and do this for all my ID pins, that would be great :)

    1. Hahaha, I wish! Wouldn’t that be great if all Pinterest images came with little shopping dots to click on for every item in a picture like they do in online shopping catalogs? I’d be broke quickly though! ;-)

      1. Don’t laugh. I read that something like that is in the works. There already is software that lets you take a photo of someone on the street and it will tell you what they’re wearing and link you to buy it.

        1. Oh la la, Pinterest is already very tempting as it is, it they make it shoppable, I’m a lost cause! :-/

  2. Amazing. Love that rustic style. Thank you for Inspiration. The bed linen Looks like made of linen. It such a beautiful material.

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