Bits and Pieces

Oh hey, there! Hope your week is going great. We had a fun weekend and took a family trip to one of our favorite spots in the bay area: Stinson Beach. The weather was perfect, but the water still a bit too cold. I forgot to apply regularly sunscreen on my legs and burned pretty bad. Funny how you spend time making sure everyone is fully protected against the sun… but you forget yourself ! Anyway, lesson learned.

French By Design French By Design French By Design French By Design

And with this big dose of outdoor and sun, I gladly got to enjoy my calming and soothing bedroom when we returned home [I am really, really happy with this dark shade of green] and caught up with classic movies with the girls. Hope your summer is going as slowly and smoothly as ours. Xo, Si-

French By Design

Temporary tattoo [pic 1] by Ylva Skarp – California cap [pic 3] by Brandy Melville –  Round beach towel by The Beach People, hat thrifted [pic 4], green wall color [pic 5] Alpine Trail by Behr Paint.


Photography French By Design


12 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces

    1. Ha, me too @Taste of France, I make sure my face, neck and shoulders are highly protected, double it with a sun hat, but somehow, the legs don’t get the same treatment. Funny thing is I spent my afternoon yelling at everyone to make sure they’d be protected. They sure made good fun of me later that evening when my legs looked like lobsters. :-0

  1. I’m a longtime reader (since 2011) and am surprised and a little saddened that there is no mention (however brief) of the grief that America is currently experiencing. The shooting in Paris received kind, heartfelt attention here on your site, and I was hopeful that you might share a kind word, perhaps a quote of solidarity with a community that is hurting that I could share on my feeds.

    I’m sorry that your legs got sunburned this weekend. For many of your readers, our weekend was much more tragic than that; our hearts were broken.

    1. Hey @Alex, I indeed decided not to talk about this event on the blog or my social media feeds this time. I am heartbroken as well and still trying to digest the events, trying somehow to make sense of it, grieve and explain the events to my two daughters. Silence does not necessarily imply that someone doesn’t feel and ache the way you are. But telling me how I should react to such horrific events is not an option of yours either. Thank you for respecting everyone’s way of dealing with traumatic moments like this. Xx, Si-

      1. Si- I feel your silence. I too have no word, feel speechless and so very sad about what happened in Orlando. You don’t have to justify yourself, we all have our own ways to cope with tragedy.

        Alex- I think your comment “I’m sorry that your legs got sunburned this weekend. For many of your readers, our weekend was much more tragic than that” is totally inappropriate and uncalled for…. my two-cents.

    2. WTH? I don’t recall reading any comment of support from you on these posts you are referring to. Does this mean you did not care or feel any pain about the Paris or Brussels events? Really, Alex? *mic drop*

  2. @Lydia, Paris and Brussels were very much in my heart and mentioned in my feeds.

    I simply felt the post was insensitive and very painful timing for readers in grief. I was not telling anyone how to feel or grieve or express themselves.

    I’m saddened that an honest reader response about is treated with such animosity. And by telling me that me that sharing my experience “is not an option.” You’ve lost a very loyal reader on that one.

    I’m really, really deeply hurt and surprised.

    Goodbye, Si. No mic drop. Just goodbye.

    1. @Alex, I did not tell you that expressing your opinion was not an option, you are slightly rewriting the story here. I simply said that you had no right of telling me how I should feel or react, as everyone has their own and there is no “one-size-fits-all” reaction to such events. As far as animosity, I am sorry you feel your comment was received negatively by my readers – myself included. However, please re-read your initial comment. The animosity in it is what started it all. Au revoir Alex.

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