Bits and pieces of summer

How was your weekend? The weather here in San Francisco has been perfect these past few weeks, and we’re discovering new corners of our beautiful city. We had lunch at the Cliff House and I couldn’t help but taking shots of the glorious views. If you’re visiting San Francisco, I highly recommend this spot, as it overlooks the site of the former Sutro Baths and offers breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.

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I broke the bank and treated myself with a great small bag – because the bigger the bag, the more chances everyone in the family asks you to carry their stuff, huh? – that carries my small camera, and also scored a sun hat on sale for less than 20 bucks, so yay to that!

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We also celebrated Miss Daisy‘s birthday and the girls got her a new toy and some birthday dog treats.

Bits and Pieces of Summer | French By Design

And finally, we went to celebrate SF Pride with my mother in law who is visiting us from Morocco for a few days. What a memorable experience! I truly love the spirit of this city.

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How is your summer going? Any fun plans and travels coming your way? Xo, Si-


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5 thoughts on “Bits and pieces of summer

  1. Those beach pics are amazing.
    I love your little camera. I have a large digital SLR, but I find I take my little point and shoot everywhere because it’s tiny (my phone’s camera is awful).

    1. Thank you @Taste of France! Same here, I love my DSLR, but for small day trips and travels, I love my little Olympus pen, so light to carry around and it fits in my small purse. Hope you’re enjoying your summer! Xo, Si-

      1. That purse, that swimsuit, that camera! You really are a gal after my own heart.

        Also, glad to hear your good review of the Olympus pen. A friend recently suggested I get one and now I’m really considering it.

        1. Ha, thank you @Alyssa! Love, love, love my little pen! You have no idea how many times I found myself looking at something beautiful, but my big DSLR was back at home. This one takes great shots [and videos!] and is so small, I take it literally everywhere with me now. No more missed shots! A real game changer!

  2. The view from Cliff House is stunning indeed. Mind you, it was our first view of the Pacific so we were really overwhelmed. We didn’t grab brunch or dinner there, but when we ever get back to San Francisco, we’ll be sure to make up for it.

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