Home office revamp

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had a crush on blue lately. I’ve also mentioned in my post previously this week that when I go through a creative block, I like to declutter my workspace and tackle a new project to get my creative mojo back… and so, I did! Last week and this past week end, I revamped a bit my home office. Nothing major, just a few detail updates and a new wall color.

Did you know it’s a moodboard #styleatmine challenge on at {mine} this month? So I started a new fresh moodboard that I plan on completing to join this fun challenge, and I also added the missing blue in my life on my home office wall.

French By DesignFrench By DesignFrench By Design

To view my entire workspace, head over to at {mine} to get the full reveal. Back to my moodboard making now, friends. Hope to see your moodboard on at {mine} and feel inspired [again!] by this fun and creative community of design lovers. Xo, Si-


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14 thoughts on “Home office revamp

  1. I love the blue wall. A simple detail with such big impact! Thanks for inspiring me to declutter and refocus!

  2. I love the blue wall and the simplicity of this space. Perfect creative spot. Well done!

  3. Si — You really do fit snugly into the life of Baghdad-by-the-Bay. Always changing it up, a little Bohemian and never one to shy away from diversity and color. You never cease to delight my eye (and heart!) Yvonne

  4. It’s always interesting to play with colours and the way you used blue leaves me mesmerised. Keep going!

    1. Thank you so much guys, @Yvonne, @Laine, @Taste of France, @Ananya, for your kind words. So happy to see that you like my bold color choice and office update. Merci!

  5. tell us about the wire billboard in your before photo. so clever..and good to look at.

    1. Hey, @Jill, it’s a very old (20+ years old) Martha Stewart mattress-springs type metal memoboard that I spray painted with copper paint to give it a modern look. Xo-

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