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So sorry for the weird posting schedule this week. I’ve had a sick child at home and my work schedule suffered a bit from it. I’m off to enjoy the weekend but wanted to share some links that I bookmarked this week, whether a good reading, a good laugh, a new recipe I want to try, or really, anything that caught my attention.

FrenchByDesignA few good and easy tips on how to write the perfect Instagram caption.

What would yours say? 

I really want to try this simple and healthy recipe this weekend.

I’m gonna have to learn to “shake it off” with that kind of pizzazz, plus I want the same hair conditioner! This video made me laugh out loud. And I watched it at least 5 times. Still laughing.

I was asked a fun question in an interview this week. Who would be your dream guests to sit at your table?

Have a lovely weekend, and see you all next week. Love and light, Si-

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6 thoughts on “Weekend links

  1. Hahahaha! This dog is awesome! Thanks for the laugh! Hope your little one recovers quickly. Happy weekend Si!

  2. Hope your children is doing better))) Have a beautiful WE! And what a beautiful photo. I went to see the source and i made a nice discovery.

    1. Hey Clara! Yes, she’s better, crossing fingers now that the sister is not incubating the same winter bug :/
      Have a lovely weekend as well! Xo-

    1. Oh, super! Quel est ton nom sur At Mine que je passe te faire un petit coucou? Bonne journée, Charlotte!

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