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In 2010, Mary Jo Hoffman, a Honeywell aerospace engineer, turns stay-at-home mom. Mary Jo develops her amateur photography skills and a new passion: blogging. STILL blog is born. STILL blog is a daily portrait of natural ephemera that Mary Jo finds on her daily walks in Shoreview, Minnesota. She picks up rocks, seedpods, bird eggs, flowers, leaves, sumac berries, really, anything she finds on her trail. Then, she puts her subjects on white background paper, sometimes creating patterns, shoots the results and shares the images on the STILL blog. “There’s beauty in the familiar; in seeing something totally ordinary turned into an extraordinary image,” says Mary Jo.

French By DesignFrench By Design

Fairy tales do happen. In December 2015, Mary Jo decides to print some of her images on organic linen using an online digital printing website and shares pictures of the tea towels she made on Instagram. Immediately someone replies, “I used to work at Target. I’m forwarding this to my former boss.” An hour later, she’s on the phone with Target exchanging ideas.

French By DesignSTILL by Mary Jo™ is launching this week at Target, and the collection is simply divine. Minimalist designs, with a hint of Scandinavian touch, all using foraged objects shot by Mary Jo. Fairy tales do happen I tell you! And because good things happen in series, West Elm has also launched a STILL acrylic wall art collection by Mary Jo.

Here is a sample of the beautiful products you can find at Target to make your home happy this spring season: from shower curtains to bed linens or accent pillows, STILL by Mary Jo™ will enchant your interior. Bravo Mary Jo!

French By DesignFrench By DesignFrench By DesignFrench By DesignFrench By DesignSee the full  STILL by Mary Jo™ collection at Target


French By DesignSee the full STILL Acrylic Wall Art collection at West Elm


Photography by Canary Grey for Mary Jo Hoffman


10 thoughts on “STILL by Mary Jo

    1. Oh, @Mary Jo, I’m so happy for you, congratulations! Your collections are amazing! Xo, Si-

  1. I adore the pillows… so fresh and colorful! Thank you for sharing this!
    Have a lovely weekend! L-

  2. I’ve followed Mary’s blog for years. Am thrilled at her success!

    I went to the Target site and their is no “Feather Duvet” collection as in your first image.
    I’m crazy for this set! How can I purchase it?
    Thank you for your help!

    1. Hang in there @Terry, Target is rolling out Mary Jo’s collection today. I myself am waiting for the shower curtain. Everything should be available very soon. The feather duvet is gorgeous indeed! Xo, Si-

      1. Hello Si. Thanks for your quick response and your daily inspiration.
        I’ll look forward to finding feathers in my bedroom.
        Happy weekend! Terry

  3. Ordered some pillows online at Target but don’t see your shower curtains. Are those coming in April? Love your work.
    ~ Deb

    1. Ha, @Deb, waiting myself for this gorgeous shower curtain. I think it should be uploaded on the Tarhet website anytime soon.
      Thanks for your kind words about Mary Jo’s work! Xo, Si-

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