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Major heart-eyes alert for OHIO Design! OHIO Design is a designer and builder of modern furniture and interiors based here, in San Francisco, California. You won’t find fiberboard, melamine, or particleboard in OHIO Design pieces, as materials are carefully selected with sustainability in mind, using them where and when they make the most sense : steel for structure, lightness and durability; or woods such as walnut or maple for touch.

Founded by David Pierce in 2000, OHIO Design translates David’s passion for designing and making quality furniture that stands true to the Shaker and Minimalist ideals of honesty, simplicity, and function.

Here are my favorite pieces from OHIO Design:

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View the full OHIO Design collection here


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  1. OHIO Design’s minimalist-meets-wood aesthetic is perfectly on point – thank you for sharing them! I’ll keep them in mind when shopping for a new desk and chair setup that my significant other have on the horizon. Maybe we’ll run some Edison bulbs above them – that would be gorgeous!

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