Visit | A family home in the Netherlands

I’m literally drooling over this family home located 50 kilometers of Amsterdam. Pure whites, perfect styling and lots of carefully selected flea markets finds to fit the modern vibe of this interior. I love how everything flows without pretension here. My favorites? The wall framed mood board in the family room/ open kitchen and the industrial trolley in the kitchen. Do you like it too?

French By DesignFrench By DesignFrench By DesignFrench By DesignFrench By DesignFrench By DesignFrench By DesignPhotography J. Klazinga found via Ensuus and Elle Decoration


9 thoughts on “Visit | A family home in the Netherlands

  1. I like this. It would be a space that soothes my often cluttered mind. It invites one to calm and focus.

  2. Beautiful pictures! Love the leather chair used as a night stand.

    As a person living in The Netherlands I had to giggle at the description “50 kilometers of Amsterdam,” because it is not the biggest country. Nothing can be further than about 250 kilometers from Amsterdam. Seems silly to me to use a different city to give an indication of where things are haha ;)

    1. Yes, @Lore, but if I had said ‘located in Alphen aan den Rijn’, I would have had many questions about where it is exactly from people not familiar with this country, just as if I presented a house in Beauvais, I would have to mention that it’s 80 kms from Paris for people not familiar with the map of France. Xx-

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