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Plant Shelfie {and a new blog series}


Hey folks! I think I’m ready for spring. No, for real. Every year, around the same time in winter, I’m craving spring, I’m checking spring / summer clothing and shoe collections, and I want to add some fresh color to my interior. Do you do that as well?

I’ve been spending quite some time on at {mine} lately – if you missed my post about this great new platform, then read more about it here and why I really like it – and I got to see and ‘stalk’ other bloggers and interior design lovers’ interiors. And then, the magic happened : I realized that by adding some simple plants in my living room, I didn’t need to crave for spring, I could create spring, #likeaboss.

Here are some pictures that really inspired me to add more green to my interior:

I get so much inspiration from ‘real’, authentic interiors on the at {mine} community that I decided to create a blog series, where I showcase some interiors from other at {mine} members. It could be a bedroom inspiration, a color inspiration, a full house tour, really… anything! So if you are on at {mine}, let me know. Even better, tag your picture with the hashtag #minebydesign so I can ‘meet’ you and come hang out in your interior and feature your space on the blog.

Are you on at {mine}? What’s your handle name? Let’s meet! You can find me at {FrenchByDesign}. Cheers, Si-


Note : This post is part of a brand ambassador collaboration with at {mine} but all opinions are my own.


  • Michael

    Nice inspiration which makes me think about re-organizing our plant at home =)

    And here, in Czech, we do not have thoughts about spring at all, nights are colder and colder, somewhere also snowing, so it seems the real winter is coming =D


    • French By Design

      I think that’s exactly why I’m craving so much spring though. We’re having a wet and cold winter here (nothing comparable to Czech Republic though), and I’m done with it! ;)

  • Yna

    I adore Mette’s triangular little shelf! Great green inspiration, thank you!

    • French By Design

      I know, it’s adorable!
      If you go direcltly on Mette’s picture, she tagged the source of this lovely shelf (another great feature of at {mine} is the ability to access product sources via tags).
      Here is the link:

      Thanks for stopping by Yna!

  • Michele

    What fun! I created an account http://atmine.com/lejardinier and spent waaay too much time browsing, but what a spirit lifter.!

  • Joanne

    omg i want you to decorate my house~
    love the minimalist look!


  • Mark Joshua

    Nice! I think the plants are the one bringing out the beauty of your home. It’s simple but very relaxing.

  • ianire garcia

    I love decorating with plants!

  • sisters, jeans & messy buns

    Great inspiration!!!! :D I want this in my flat one day :D
    Love, Natascha

  • Huub Ricardo

    I’m atmine and I’m already following you :) . I haven’t put lots of pictures yet, cause I really haven’t had the time. I’m to busy on instagram :) . But I love me some plants. I tend to kill them slowly now and then and the huge ones are so expensive but this year i’m buying one plant every month. great goal don’t you think?!

    • French By Design

      Ah, what a brilliant idea, I love it!
      Funny enough, I’m having a bit of a hard time with Instagram lately : too many reposts and pinterest pics on my feed. I’m sure I’ll get back to it eventually but, heh, I feel that it’s missing the authenticity it used to have…
      Have a lovely week! Xo-