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Paint outside the box : 2016 edition


You know how I’m fond of original paint ideas. I shared a few already on this blog with you, here or hereI’ve scouted more original ways to dress up your walls in 2016 and wanted to share these unique ideas with you.

Have you ever gone extravagant with paint on your walls?

French By Design

I love how this door literally disappears thanks to the unique geometric paint job.

French By Design

In this very modern cubicle workspace, a bold green color was added to frame the area.

French By Design

A simple circle painted on the wall instantly updates this very minimal kitchen corner.

French By Design

This may hard to achieve and live in everyday, but I couldn’t pass on sharing this fantastic idea with you. What a great optical effect!

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  • Clara B

    Bonne Année!!! Belles idées mais combien complexe à réaliser car il faut travailler avec la lumière à différent moment de la journée et selon l’usage… mais quel beau défi))))

    • French By Design

      Bien d’accord, surtout pour la dernière (la jaune), mais quel effet, n’est ce pas?

  • Agnese

    Original photos and great content! Thanks for sharing :)