More alternative holiday trees

We already shared alternative holiday trees herehere and also here. But I found some more original ones, perfect for a weekend DIY project. Ready?

French By Design

What a fun and unique tree! Get creative with the kids, grab a yarn ball from a previous craft project, pin a few cork pins on the wall, and start weaving your tree! – source

French By Design

Ok, this one might be a bit tricky if you’re not a calligraphist [and that when I wish my favorite calligraphist, Ylva Skarp, lived closer!], but if you have a chalk board wall and a friend with good handwriting skills, invite her over for a few glasses of wine, and voilà! – source

French By Design

Are you lucky enough to have friends that still send you Christmas cards? Arrange them in a tree shape and their colorful patterns will make your walls sing Christmas carols! – source

Have a lovely weekend friends! Xo, Si-


6 thoughts on “More alternative holiday trees

  1. Gorgeous ideas for Christmas trees, they are really contemporary! I like the last one just as it seems the easiest of the three, and a great way to display cards you have received from friends and family. Lovely post and Merry Christmas! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

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