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Here is another house tour that caught my attention. I was first attracted by the wall of mirrors and it instantly reminded me of the post about random hanging posted here a few weeks ago. But then the rest of this interior was so full of yummy details, I figured they were worth sharing for inspiration purposes.

French By Design French By Design French By Design

I love the boho vibe in this space. I usually have a hard time with bohemian style interiors because too many patterns just kill the buzz for me, but here, it works wonderfully. The space celebrates the old and the vintage in all forms, yet does not showcase a pattern extravaganza. Boho at its chicest! Do you like it as well?

French By Design French By Design

Elle Decoration UK – via


  • Michael

    I was always thinking that we do not need large flat, that 60 sq meter is ok. But more and more I am discovering houses like this one here I am changing my mind and I want 100 sq meters at least the minimum, and three or four rooms so I can hang all beautiful pictures on the walls, have large bookshelf and room for all those boho and vintage furniture pieces..
    I simply love this place,


  • Cary-Ann

    Boho done right! Adore this space, thank you for the inspiration. C-

  • LAU

    J’adore! A part la chambre… ca pourrait être chez moi… un peu!
    Belle semaine Si, et a toute ta tribu!
    plein de fresh vibes from the Provence!!

  • Olivia blog and concept store

    I’m in love with these pictures!
    The boho-chic atmosphere is amazing, the living room, the kitchen .. are really an inspiration!

    Olivia blog and concept store

  • Leah

    I really appreciate how layered the home is without looking cluttered. Beautiful!

  • Fiona

    Those pictures are amazing and so inspiring. I love the mix of luxe and bohemian <3
    xx Fiona THEDASHINGRIDER.com

  • Melinda

    I absolutely adore these photos. I love the style and those mirrors. Oh my.