Alternative Christmas Tree 2015

Ok, ok, I know, it’s only early November and very few of you are already in the mood to get ready for the holiday season – except my sister, who every year is done with Christmas shopping by the end of September – and I’m barely kidding here.

However, as I mentioned last week, every year, when I post my original alternative Christmas tree posts, I get many contact notes of readers who wished I had posted earlier so they could use the inspiration that same year for their Christmas decor. So this year, I am a boss! I’m sharing here an idea with you and the timing should give you enough time to create your own version – especially since the busy season means delays in ordering lead-times.

French By Design

I’ve partnered with Framebridge again – remember my post from earlier this year where I printed a few of my Instagram Surfer Series and Miss Daisy’s IG shots?

This year, I decided to create a Christmas tree made with framed pictures and artwork. And you know how I love quotes and funny notes, I designed a few sayings and asked Framebridge to frame them for me. Inès, my oldest daughter – and creative director here at FrenchByDesign ;-) – kindly worked on some simple artwork with a sharpie pen to create a “Ho Ho Ho” print and a Christmas tree made out of gift wrapping paper.

French By Design French By Design French By Design

Then, I arranged a few shelves on my dark wall and placed them so the large one would be the base, and the smallest one would be on the top. I was inspired by a picture I came across a few years ago, but I can’t seem to find its source anymore.

Anyway, here is my alternative Christmas tree version 2015, sweet friends. Some nice mixed and matched frames, a few holiday decor pieces and ornaments, and voilà, you’ve got yourself a nice and unique Christmas tree! Bonus, you don’t need to vacuum the falling needles throughout the holiday season. Can I get a ‘yay’ for that!

French By Design

You can customize this idea to great extent: Framebridge can frame a photo, an instagram picture link, a drawing, a poster, a handwritten letter from your kids to Santa, or pretty much anything you’d like to frame. You can send them your own artwork or developed shots, or have them take care of a digital upload for you. There are tons of frames to choose from, mats, sizes, and the price is unequalled.

And here is an even better piece of news: Framebridge is offering a 20% discount to the FrenchByDesign readers, so be sure to use it when you order your frames for the first time. Enter code FRENCHBY20 at checkout [offer expires on January 31, 2016].

French By Design

I hope you enjoy my take on the 2015 alternative Christmas tree version. Happy holiday season guys! Xo, Si-

Photography and art direction : FrenchByDesign ©

• This post is brought to you by Framebridge, but words and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make FrenchByDesign possible.


17 thoughts on “Alternative Christmas Tree 2015

  1. Tres chouette! Mais il faut percer les murs…Les petits mots dans les cadres sont si bien choisis! Je garde l’idée, peut-être avec des petits messages scotches au washi tape? Merci!!

    1. Oui, dans mon cas, on était sur un mur en placo alors j’ai juste vissé aux vis à placo-plâtre, sans cheville. Pas trop de boulot à reboucher donc plus tard… Merci Virginie!

  2. Oh, what a lovely idea! I love how simple and stylish your tree looks! Great inspiration, thank you!

  3. What a cute idea!! It’s perfect, you can even put lots of candles on the shelves so it looks like a lit christmas tree :)

    Will give it a go <3

  4. This’s simple and yet so chic. It’s so rare that I like a Christmas decoration. They are either too pretentious or too cheap. Thank you for sharing your idea. Have a nice day ?

    1. ‘Mouah’… that’s the sound of my bisou/kiss to you, sweet Ella! Xoxo-

  5. This has to be the cutest holiday tree idea I’ve seen in a while! Love the quotes you selected! What an awesome idea! Thanks so much for sharing! X, Lauren-

  6. This is so stinkin’ cute and perfect for my NYC apartment! You mentioned that you have alternative Christmas trees for previous years. Although I love all of your designs, it would take me forever to scroll through to find them! Can you pretty please provide a link to them? Thank you!

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