The show must go on

Thank you all for your messages of support, here on the blog, on Facebook, Instagram or through private emails. As difficult as these last few days have been for my homeland, my people, my loved ones and myself, it was great to feel all this energy and light coming from all of you. Now, the show must go on, the music needs to continue to make us dance, be happy and #notafraid. So today, I wanted to share life and color through a cheerful image. This desk space is just about that : good design, color and a certain ‘joie de vivre’.

French By Design

via Korbo

Here is one quote that summarizes my state of mind about these last few days, from your notes to the kind words of a stranger at my grocery store cashier’s line who heard me speak in French to my daughter and told me he was sincerely sorry for the tragedy my country was going through and offered his condolences for my people – I started crying in the middle of the checkout lane, but was overwhelmed with light and positive emotion :

“What we learn in the midst of plagues is that there are more things to admire in men than there are to despise.”

-Albert Camus 

Again, merci to each and every one of you; And now, let the show go on and the music play. Xo, Si-


6 thoughts on “The show must go on

  1. Beautiful post, I am utterly sorry as well and hope you find peace! That’s the ‘beauty’ in those tragic days, people are more united than ever and show more compassion than ever. Let’s let the love shine and dim the hate.

    This desk makes me happy, full of creativity and passion!

  2. Oh Si – My heart breaks with you and for you. Poignant moments like these are so life affirming — a stranger’s simple connection despite the many miles of separation from your homeland. I love that you quoted your fellow country man, Albert Camus, particularly apropos, the author of The Stranger. We are all warriors together against an evil which will not overcome. Peace.

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