Weekend inspiration

It’s THA weekend! Whoop dee doo! This week has been crazy, as I’m working on 3 upcoming projects at once and my brain has a hard time compartmenting all my ideas and creative juice from one project to another. Sadly, my weekend will be a short one as I have to work on Saturday, but I plan on enjoying some down time on Sunday to recharge.

Here is some inspiration for the weekend : some soft textures, a hanging chair. Add a book and a warm cup of tea. Tempting, right? Wishing you a lovely and relaxing weekend. Xo, Si-

French By Design

Elle Decoration


5 thoughts on “Weekend inspiration

  1. Love the rugs positioned on top of each other, very original. Also, do you know where this beautiful end table is from? Have a lovely weekend, Si!

  2. Such a relaxed ambiance – hope some rubs off on you.. But really.. I think you’re doing great:-)

    1. Oh thank you, Lene, so sweet of you to take the time to write this! Merci beaucoup! Xo-

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