Pinterest vs real-life fashion

Let’s talk a bit about fashion and style today, shall we? Many of you follow my Pinterest fashion board, and while Pinterest offers a variety of fantastic pictures for fashion inspiration, sometimes, I also think that it’s hard to translate these styles into everyday wear.

So I thought of doing a little photoshoot to show you my style, the real one, you know. Yes to stilettos and flowing pants with super long seams that fall on the floor to elongate the legs and silhouette – on pictures, though. To walk around the city of San Francisco, where you walk a LOT, it is completely unreasonable to expect to look like a Pinterest fashion board model. Sure, I do wear some fancy stilettos when I go out on a date with mister, but you won’t catch me alive with a pair of Manolo’s while grocery shopping. Ever.

French By Design

I am wearing : Sienna Coat in Oatmeal by Boden USAOld Navy cargo jeans – Adidas Stan Smith Limited Edition sneakers.

My style is all about comfort. I love soft fabrics, delicate wools and cashmere and to look good – like everyone else – but my clothes have to get me through a busy day, from running errands to walking Miss Daisy, to high school pick ups, and so on. However, I don’t want to look like a potato bag either or wear yoga pants all day, so here are a few snaps of my ‘real-life’ style.

French By Design French By Design

I am wearing : Sienna Coat in Oatmeal by Boden USAMadewell Skinny-Skinny jeans – Adidas Gazelle sneakers – Hermes Cape Cod watchRay Ban Aviator Sunglasses.

The great thing about living with two teenage girls is that they can be merciless when it comes to criticism and fashion advice: they’ll say it to me like it is, “mom, you shouldn’t wear this”, “you look like a soccer mom”, and other delightful and ego-boosting comments on that sort. Do your kids do that as well?

Above all, I think that when a piece of clothing ‘feels’ right, that you wear it as opposed to the outfit ‘wearing’ you, you shine a bit brighter. I am a firm believer that confidence is the sexiest outfit you can wear.

French By Design

What’s your everyday style? Does your Pinterest fashion/style board look like YOU in real life?

Photography : Sandra Fazzino – Art direction FrenchByDesign


17 thoughts on “Pinterest vs real-life fashion

  1. OHH my gosh! I love it! I totally feel you on being comfortable. I want to look like I walked off a Pinterest board…or even look like all these fancy blogs I see. But I find it difficult with a 8 month old and 3 year old….oh and no where really to go. haha. I love your style though super cute! :)

    xo Amber |The Everyday Dame

    1. Thanks Amber! Glad to read that I’m not alone on this reflection. Yep, here is to real-life fashion! Maybe we should create a ‘real-life’ Pinterest, with outfits, make up, hairstyles, and interiors that don’t look like they were styled by a team of 15 people! It’d be a lot less intimidating, wouldn’t it? :-))

  2. oh my pinterest board is full of glamour and elegance… a wish list of sorts. But some of my wardrobe board on pinterest does provide inspiration for my every day wardrobe – simple chic and it provides inspiration when I’m a bit weary of my tiny selection of everyday clothes.

    Today I’m in all black with a hot pink scarf tossed around my neck for this chilly weather. The outfit is comfortable, makes me smile and is pretty cute.

  3. Dang, you look good lady, so fresh and natural! So, so good to see you on the other side of the camera for once. Love your style, très French! xoxo-

    1. Aww, merci beaucoup Carol-Ann! I should get out of my shy-zone more often then, because your comment made my day! Thank you so much! Si-

  4. Si, you look great. The coat gives you all the chic you need. I wonder at what point I will get to wear fun fall clothes, here in northern Texas. Today is the first time daytime temps have dropped below 90. I’m so ready to wear my new skinny scarves, platform booties, oversize sweaters, and the plaid longline coat I bought last year.

    1. Thanks so much Ardith! Love this coat, because I can wear it casual during the day, or out on a date. I feel you about the temperatures: when I lived in Arizona, I was so happy to travel to winter destinations and wear sweaters, coats and boots. Thank you for your sweet words. Xo, Si-

  5. That’s a good question ! In fact, my wardrobe does look pretty much like my Pinterest style board. And then, it is perfectly intentionnal : I only pin looks that I would actually wear. What does not look AT ALL like my Pinterest style board, is ME actually wearing the clothes. All theses girls are sooo slim and fit -just not like me…
    Thanks for your post, you look stunning. I’ll definitely pin one of your pics on my Pinterest slyle board ;-))

    1. Merci Maud! I agree with you, some of these Pinterest models look super skinny – i tend to avoid re-pinning the ones that clearly look malnourished because i don’t feel this sends the right message out there. Thankfully, more brands are using ‘regular’ size models, but it will take a looong time before we reverse the trend. Thanks for your sweet words. Xo-

  6. Love this post! It’s hard to believe everyone really does dress up so much! Especially style bloggers. It’s what they want to portray themselves as: always primp, always dressed to the nines. For real? Sweatpants and t-shirt while editing their “photo shoot” pictures haha! We all do it!


  7. This is simply amazing post, you are so awesome! I hope this is the first step to showing us more from your style =)
    My Pinterest boards of fashion are not like me..pieces I choose there are more “I want them but they are not worthy the price to wear them 1 or 2 times per year” =)

    Have a beautiful weekend,

  8. This post is very timely as I recently started a Pinterest board called something like “Stuff I might actually wear.” While I do love all the items, I’ve pinned to my “Style” board many of them aren’t things I would wear in real-life. Or would wear if I had a different life &/or more money.
    Like you, I’ve got a teenage girl and I can definitely say that I now get free, unsolicited and brutally honest fashion advice.
    I love your “real” outfit,” and wear something similar except I tend to wear Blundstones with my jeans. I love the sneaker-and-jean look but for some reason never wear it myself.

  9. So I just have to mention that as soon as I saw your Golden, you had me. THEN I saw that her name is Daisy and, well… I’m in love. I had a Golden growing up, and my boyfriend and I are DYING to get one of our own as soon as we can, and we’ve had the name Daisy picked out for ages! I’m melting in a puddle of Golden Retriever fluffiness!

    Now, back on track, I love how simple and effortless your style is! I’m DEFINITELY all about the comfort aspect being #1 as well! I used to always turn my nose up at Old Navy until I actually stepped into one as an adult and, what can I say? Their prices win me over pretty much automatically!

  10. Quite Cool! Awesome look you’ve carried in this photo shoot. Great fashion sense :)

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