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You know that on this blog, we’re all about real interiors and real living. We’ve spoken many times about how hard it is to relate and get inspiration from over-styled interiors where everything is staged to perfection, and it feels like no one could ever live in, because it just does not feel real.

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So when I was contacted by the ladies of the new At {mine} community to try their new platform, I was all ears. At {mine} is a new community of bloggers, home owners, instagrammers, and lovers of design from all over the planet who share their real interiors. Almost like peeking through the open windows of your neighbors – I’ll admit it, I love to do that, don’t you? ;-)

I really enjoyed and quickly felt comfortable using the At Mine platform. It’s a cross between a Pinterest [except it’s showcasing real relatable interiors from real people, so the keyword here is ‘authenticity’] and Instagram [minus the iPhone photo quality and the ugly competition for followers] and you can exchange between members where their furniture is from, where they got their lamp, and other accessories they have in their home – members can tag products and shopping sources on the pictures they upload, and I love this feature. On Instagram, for example, it’s annoying to spot something you really, really, REALLY like on a picture and have to ask the question “Where is this from, where can I buy this?” No more guess work, the information is right on the image for you… Pretty cool, right?

French By Design

I was so happy to discover that some of my favorite bloggers or ‘Instagrammers’, like Carolina Kommonen [whom I follow avidly on IG because I adore her simple and elegant style and I am a big fan of Emma, her adorable Terrier] was already on the At {mine} platform and sharing peeks of her personal interior.

So if you have a minute, or two – ok, maybe ten, because I have a feeling you too will like At {mine} – come join this really cool community and come visit my house [I’ve uploaded a few pics of my interior and will keep updating my feed]. I’d love to see your interior as well as connect with some of you! I am At {frenchbydesign}, so hurry up and grab your user name, and don’t forget to say hello so I can see you are there as well, and start stalking your interior ;-) Cheers friends, Xo, Si-

• This post is a partnership with At {mine}, but all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the partners that make FrenchByDesign possible.


7 thoughts on “Introducing At {mine}

  1. Oh, how I agree with your views on Instagram and the competition for followers! I am also frustrated when IGers don’t bother to answer questions about where someone can source what they posted. Love the idea of real interior pics with tags! Thanks for the intro!

  2. Great idea and thanks a lot about informing us. I am going to try it this weekend because I like what is real, living day by day and when I can simply ask and can count on with the answer.
    Thank you and have a nice weekend,

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