Weekend inspiration

Our house is getting ready for the holiday season, and so is the blog. Starting next week, expect some serious holiday inspiration over here. Every year, I feel like I need to start the Christmas inspiration files earlier – the first year I did some alternative Christmas trees, I got so many complaints via email notes that I had posted too late. And this year, I’ve noticed the search keyword “Christmas” trending on the blog since… the end of september!

French By Design

Have you decorated your house for Halloween and/or Thanksgiving? I’m going low key in our home with some simple wreaths made of olive tree branches and seasonal flowers. They are so simple to make and so pretty! Wishing you a lovely weekend folks. Any fun plans? Xo, Si-

French By Design French By Design


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    1. Yay, Rachel! So happy this inspired you to dress your home with prettiness! Xo, Si-

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