Meet Zady

You know I’m all into timeless design when it comes to fashion. So when I discovered the clean lines of fashion label Zady, I knew there was a clear match. Not only do the pieces convey elegance and comfort, but Zady’s design philosophy truly stole my heart.

Meet Zady | French By Design Meet Zady | French By Design

Zady’s manifesto is : “fast fashion is fast food […] Process matters, quality matters, honesty matters.”

In a world where we are constantly encouraged to spend, and spend more, leaving us with packed closets full of items and yet, we still feel every morning that we have nothing to wear, Zady takes a conscious approach and embraces the slow fashion movement. Buy less, but buy better – and know that what you’re wearing respects nature and makers. Zady is setting a new standard in the fashion industry, with a considered design approach : from the product process making – making products that will last for years and won’t fall apart within the third wash – sounds familiar, right? – to the makers, farmers and artisans who respect nature, don’t use pesticides on their crops and limit their eco footprint to its minimum. Respecting the ‘Product-People-Planet’ dynamic is key to Zady’s design process and I say big ‘yay’ to that, don’t you?

Meet Zady | French By Design

Zady takes great consideration of every element within the supply chain to have the highest standards, and it shows!  Classic pieces, yet trendy – because I don’t want to look like a ‘mom’ – and luxurious wools and organic materials, Zady has us covered from a busy work day…

Meet Zady | French By DesignMeet Zady | French By Design

… to an evening date-out.

Meet Zady | French By Design Meet Zady | French By Design

Check out Zady full collection here.


4 thoughts on “Meet Zady

  1. J’aime beaucoup la simplicité des pièces et surtout la philosophie de cette marque que je ne connaissais pas !
    Merci pour la découverte !


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