Visit | At home with Selwa, Ryan and Kira

Here are [finally!] the house tour pictures of my sister and brother in law’s home in Washington, DC. You already visited baby Kira’s room, and here is the rest of the home. As I mentioned on Instagram, I’m so jealous, because with a newborn, they manage to have a perfectly clutter-free and organized home, which is more than I can say of my own interior lately.

French By Design French By Design French By Design French By Design

I’m loving the minimalist Scandi vibe, mixed with the vintage elements in their space. Selwa and Ryan have been slowly updating their home project by project, and the last ones have completely changed their interior : a new grey kitchen was installed, as well as wooden floors throughout the entire house. I could live there, what about you?

French By Design French By Design French By Design French By Design French By Design French By Design


16 thoughts on “Visit | At home with Selwa, Ryan and Kira

  1. Ok, I think I’m jealous as well! :-)))
    PS: absolutely adore the picture of your sister and her baby in the mirror, so so sweet! Xo, K-

  2. I could definitely live there, too. What a lovely house. Love the style and cleanliness all over the place.
    Thank you for sharing this home tour on your blog.
    xo, Stephanie

      1. Ol, just heard back from my sis’. It is actually a postcard rack, and it’s from Pottery Barn. Xo, Si-

  3. ha, once that baby begins learning how to walk that coffee table will be gone, and the book shelves empty below waist height. Goodbye street sign, and tippy bedside table.

    1. Ha, that’s exactly what I told my sister! She’s actually already looking to replace that concrete coffee table into an acrylic one… :-)

  4. Love, love your sister’s interior. Your styles are very similar!
    On a side note, as a european, I feel that, in Europe, we don’t ‘adjust’ and child-proof as much our interiors for toddlers as parents seem to in the US. Why is that?
    Thanks for sharing your sister’s interior! Xo-

    1. I totally understand what you are saying, Eva. My oldest was born in the US and everyone around me was putting so much stress into child safety, child proofing every single corner of my house. My second daughter was born in France, and I felt that over there, it was more about “the child will adjust as he/she grows” and people were not changing completely their interior, unless there was an obvious hazard or accident waiting to happen [kitchen or bathroom under-sink chemical products for example]. I think it’s a big cultural difference – and different parenting philosophies – between the US and Europe. I feel that parents are way more anxious and stressed in the US that they are in Europe, from germs to child proof gadgets.

  5. I love the black and white bedroom with the fur rug on the floor beside the bed. OMg! This room would make me want to go to be and inspire me to start my day. Love to pat that little bottom! Babies are such joy!

  6. What a lovely home!! I love the simple design which is how I like my space. I also love lots of natural light! I find Eva’s comment and your response quite interesting and intriguing! I was not aware of that. It made me wonder about how differences in childproofing trends in different cultures are reflected in the figures of incidents at home.

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