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I’m back from my trip to DC where I met our newest family addition : my new niece, baby Kira. It was a wonderful trip, and while I thought I was coming to the rescue of two overwhelmed new parents, I found my sister and her companion handling things like real pros. So I was there just for mental support. Baby Kira is the sweetest baby, and my sister did an awesome job decorating her room, so I snapped a few shots.

French By DesignFrench By Design French By Design French By Design

Kira’s room is mainly soft grey and pink, a very suiting palette for a baby’s room. One wall was painted white and grey with stripes to contrast with the rest of the room. Pop Icon Nightlight (heart) from Land of Nod, bed from Babyletto.

French By Design

An Ikea Botkyrka wall shelf hosts a collection of items my sister dearly cherishes, from my youngest daughter Maya’s drawing and paper collage from Kindergarten to my sister’s old piggy bank collection. The sweet decorative wooden mushrooms from Tiny Frenchy and the Mozart musical box I got for Kira found their perfect spot!

French By Design

Shown above: Paris Mushrooms from Tiny FrenchyGray Label raw edges vintage pink booties

French By Design

Kira’s – or my sister’s I should say – favorite room accessory is the musical doll that sings La Javanaise, a famous song by Serge Gainsbourg. Every evening, after the bath, I could hear the melody in Kira’s room when one of her parents were giving her the last feed before bed time.

Shown above : Siebensachen Mozart box music box – Liberty Musical Matryoshka Doll “La Javanaise”

French By Design French By Design French By Design

Tummy time is definitely not Kira’ s favorite hobby, but the colors and patterns of this soft play blanket clearly catch her full attention and distract her from the unpleasant tummy-time task, at least for a few minutes… Play blanket from Babyletto, rug from West Elm.

French By Design

I can hardly wait for us to go visit my sister and Ryan, her husband, and spend Kira’s first Christmas with the girls this year. Stay tuned, I am currently editing a few pictures of the rest of my sister and brother in law’s home for an upcoming house tour. Xo, Si-


14 thoughts on “Visit | Baby Kira’s room

  1. There is a lot of love in this room, it really shows! Congrats to your sister and brother in law and welcome to the world to this new baby! N-

  2. It must be the chicest baby room I have ever seen. The colours and the objects are so well put together. That wardrobe is just so adorable !
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Ha, I literally drooled over her wardrobe as well! So many outfits were offered at the baby shower, this little girl is already a fashionista!

  3. Seriously impressive! I was NEVER that organized before, during or after either of my babies. Lovely to see what new moms do these days – light and bright, and very functional.

    1. Haha, I know right! That’s exactly what I thought. Not to spoil it, but wait ’til you see the house tour I’m planning to post soon – their interior is more organized than mine. Pffffff… ;-))

  4. superbe Bravo a ta sister!! et je suis impressionnée par le dressing de Kira ;-))
    déjà une jolie wonder girl!!

    1. Oui, les amis ont offert beaucoup de fringues pour la baby shower de Kira, et je suis impressionnée par l’organization de ma soeur et mon beau frère. Ah, les parents modernes alors, c’était pas comme ça à mon époque de jeune maman! Bise, Lau!

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