Picture perfect

A recent study showed that we see on average 285 images a day : Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, it’s everywhere. As a blogger, I am pretty sure this figure by far doubles, or triples. But I still come across, in my constant pursuit of the perfect inspiration, to one single picture that makes me stop on my tracks and observe more carefully. This one does it for me. I absolutely adore the wall photo board and how the photos are displayed in this picture : against all and any rule of interior design. This is what makes me going : ideas that think outside the box, that say no, and a big no, to established principles.

Inès, my oldest daughter, is creating a picture gallery in her room, and this photo gives me so much inspiration to help her create the perfect memory wall.

Do you like it?

French By Design

Ideas Magazine


6 thoughts on “Picture perfect

  1. Wow, it does break modern design concepts! I like that it goes all the way down to the wall. Cool idea and perspective.

  2. Beautiful, rough but doesn’t feel dirty.. Got this urban vibe Without the dirtiness usually urban vibe have for me.

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