It’s a girl!

I’m signing off early this week. I’m off to Washington, DC, to meet baby Kira, my new niece. I’m so excited, I can’t even begin to tell you. For the next few days, I’ll be changing diapers, cuddling, smelling new baby feet and helping my sister catch up on some well deserved sleep. As much as I love my job, family comes first. Always.

Wishing you in advance a sweet and love-filled weekend. Xo, Si-

French By Design

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6 thoughts on “It’s a girl!

  1. Congratulations! What a good new. It will be very special days, this smell and this touch of newborn babys is incredible and it wont repeat.

  2. Such a cute gift you picked for her! Thank you! Enjoy your time with little Kira and her parents! All the best.

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