Scenes from our weekend

Scenes from the weekend | FrenchByDesign

Hello friends! Hope you had a lovely weekend! We celebrated my husband’s birthday on Saturday, and we had a great family time. We went to Half Moon Bay – which was a first for me – and had a fab time – I loved the easy going vibe of this town, its small shops and food spots and the friendly, happy, and very welcoming community that lives there. The weather was perfect, it was not too crowded and Daisy got a chance to swim without the usual strong ocean currents and waves we have in San Francisco beaches.

Scenes from the weekend | FrenchByDesign Scenes from the weekend | FrenchByDesign

Daisy was so happy but pretty exhausted from swimming for nearly an hour and a half, and we spent the rest of the weekend just chilling out at the house.

Scenes from the weekend | FrenchByDesign

On Sunday, we cooked some veggie burgers on the portable barbecue grill hubby got for Father’s day and I tried the recipe Beth, one of my sweet blog readers, had recommended in a post comment last week when we talked about halloumi. Oh my, this burger was a true winner : we used some wheat bread, some red pepper and olive tapenade, grilled eggplants and grilled halloumi, and red onions and fresh organic tomato. It was delicious!

Scenes from the weekend | FrenchByDesign Scenes from the weekend | FrenchByDesign

How was your weekend folks? Wishing you a happy first week of August – ps : how did this happen, August already? :// Cheers, Si-



8 thoughts on “Scenes from our weekend

  1. Sounds like a fantastic weekend! Happy B to hubby! And that veggie burger… Yummmm!

  2. Seems you spent beautiful weekend =)
    Our was about travelling outside of Prague to get some energy from nature, so we went to some beautiful places near the most known Czech castle Karlštejn =)

    I wish you pleasant start of new week,

    1. This sounds like the perfect weekend Michael! I have yet to visit your country. Soon I hope! Xo-

  3. Oh, Daisy looks so happy swimming, and then, that tired pup face… priceless!

  4. Half Moon Bay! I love that place. I went to grad school at Stanford, and when my boyfriend (now husband) would fly out to visit me from Minnesota, we’d always head out to Half Moon Bay for dinner. Such sweet memories. Such a sweet town.

    1. Oh, that is so lovely Mary Jo! Thank you for sharing a bit of yourself here. I can imagine a romantic getaway in Half Moon Bay. This is the perfect spot!

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