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About running | FrenchByDesign

I’m a runner. As I mentioned on the blog before, I’ve always loved running. To me, running is my ‘me’ moment, the time I spend for myself, away from the world, the to-do lists, the chaos, the stress and life in general. That being said, I’m not an avid competitive runner like you probably imagine a typical runner should be: I run like an old lady, very slowly, never compete or do organized running events. Nope. I run because I like it, at my pace, for myself.

About running | FrenchByDesign

These last few months, I’ve had to stop and start again my running routine. First, my knee bothered me to the point where running was not fun. Then, during a run, I tore a calf muscle and had to stop for a longer time because my muscle lining had not healed well. It took me forever to recover from this injury, stretching, physical therapy and much more fun details, but I’m now back on business.

The problem with running is the first 2 weeks. They are excruciating. Painful. Not fun at all. And then something magical happens. You look forward to your next run, your endorphin levels are all pumped up and your body requests to go out and run. Really, no joke.

I love running, because by 10AM, my Fitbit wristband congratulates me for my achieved daily steps goals, I feel like I took care of my body and… I’m more fit. Every time I’ve stopped running, my oh-so-lovely muffin top came back.

About running | FrenchByDesign

So, if like me, you want to feel better, try running, but stick to it for a month, just a month. Chances are you’ll be a runner as well – provided of course that you don’t have a medical condition, and get cleared by your MD. The great thing about running is that it does not require a big investment to start. However, there are 3 things that are crucial to start running : a good running bra for support, a good quality pair of sneakers [and I’m not talking about those fancy trendy sneakers, no, good cushioning running shoes that are adapted to your foot structure] and music – although some runner friends of mine swear to running without music, but I’m a music adept. I can’t run without music.

So I’m sharing with you today my running playlist. It’s the one I’m currently running on. It’s a 30-minute-run playlist. If you like it, I’ll post more music running [or not necessarily just running] playlists to share with you on the blog. Note that the rhythm/pace of these songs is not fast, to keep your heart rate in the lower zone, because the faster the music, the more chance you’ll exhaust your heart and possibly hurt yourself running too fast trying to catch up with the tune. Also, the slower your heart rate, the higher the fat burning – versus cardio training if you keep your heart rate higher.

About running | FrenchByDesign

RUNNING NO.1 || Listen on Spotify

1. Intro | the XX
2. Breathe | Telepopmusic
3. Beez in the Trap – Edited Version | Nikki Minaj
4. Run | Baby Blue
5. You Can’t Always get What You Want | Soul wax
6. Chimes | Hudson Mohawke 
7. How to be a man | Riff Raff
8. Goodbye | Feder

Anyway, get your bra, iPhone or iPod, and running shoes on and let’s get fitter together. Say ‘au revoir muffin top!’… oui? Cheers, Si-


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  1. So cool of you to share your own running playlist! I love this idea. Will try it on my next power walk – not a runner yet, but this may change soon, who knows? ;))

  2. i am an avid runner and would love more playlists! i am always looking for more music! thank you for sharing. and i hope your injuries don’t come back. take care of yourself- sounds like you do a great job of listening to your body!

    1. Oh, so cool to hear this from an avid runner! If you have some favorite running songs, please share as well! I’d love to feature a ‘readers recommended’ playlist in the future! Happy running, Cassie!

  3. I never loved running. There was time I enjoyed it, as an excersize before hitting the gym and lifting, but it was not love. Now I need to start doing something, I was six month out, no run, no gym, because of my knee and ankle. But I am afraid to start..I am afraid it will be like for the first time and it will hurt =/, so I am still suspending it for next day, next week, next Monday..you know..

    Btw., sharing playlist is good idea..I always find out interesting to see what others are listening too


    1. Oh sorry to read this, Michael! Have you tried extra in-soles in your running shoes – you can get some custom ones done in any decent running store – ? I found they were helping a lot my knee pains. Also, stretching before going out on a run helps a lot! I got a muscle roller (it looks like a bone stick) and roll it on my calves and quads before my run and after (to prevent lactate build-ups). In any case, taking it very slowly at first is always a good precaution and helps stick with the plan in the long run. Go get them, Michael!

      1. Thank you so so much for your kind and motivational words. I will try it, definitely! And we’ll see the result =)
        Thank you, Si,
        Have a wonderful day,

  4. Thanks for sharing your run playlist. I used to run 10 years ago but I found the older I got, the more painful it got. I totally get your point about the first 2 weeks, that’s probably during the time that I give up on myself. I find my shins start to burn and my feet are in pain! Do you recommend any good runners? Or what shoes have worked for you? Thanks in advance!

    1. I love Asics and Mizuno brands. I recommend you visit a runners store, not just a regular general sports store. They will put you on a treadmill and make you run for a couple of minutes, while a computer films your running session. Then they analyze your foot structure (neutral, pronator… how your feet touch the floor, inward, outward, etc). They will offer you different fits of shoes to make sure you are using the best running shoe. This, along with a good sports bra is crucial for any runner. I hope this helps Amy! Xx-

  5. This post is perfect timing. Six months ago I’d never run more than a couple of minutes, today I maintained my first 12 minute mile. I’ve always been slender, but never been fit. I’m feeling prouder than anyone should right now.

    I don’t suppose you sell a print of those quotes?

    1. Hey Rachel! Congrats on the accomplishment, that’s truly awesome!
      I don’t sell these quotes in prints, but send me a note through email and I could send you these quotes in higher resolution if you want to have them printed and framed for your home. Xo-

  6. Thanks so much for this! I am a runner too, I feel the same surge of ‘me time, powerful, I got this’ when I run, this playlist will help with new motivation, would love more.

  7. Nice playlist! I’d love to read more running posts, it’s a nice way to get inspired and motivated. :)

    1. Yes, I’d love to! So fun to experiment with new blog topics! Love this! Thank you for your feedback Joanna!

    1. Yay! Let me know of any song you like to run on so I can add them on the next mixtape, and give you credit, of course! Xo-

  8. lol my jeans are saying the same thing! And yes its true, running keeps your waist slim. I have trouble running in winter though, the cold air freezes my brain so I have to run inside on a treadmill. I’ve always loved running, its my number one exercise, I feel so alive. I have alway run, started as a baby, I would crawl quickly around the house, I’m being silly, but its true. I love running fast though, long strides and fast, But usually for half hour, I don’t do long runs. Ooh, and yes, good shoes are a must! along with stretching before and after. Also I find that I run better when I’ve been doing some weight training. Thank you for the music!
    kiss kiss

  9. I love that second quote and had to repost it via Instagram. This post is timely as I just started taking a running class with bonafide running coaches. Running has always been my favorite form of exercise and I just stopped doing it regularly about 10 years ago. I decided to get back into it and to do it properly!

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