DIY | Wall pegboard

Today, I’m loving this super cool DIY wall storage idea. Made out of plywood and drilled holes, this pegboard can be used in the kitchen, office or in a kid’s playroom. Simple, multifunctional, and easy to make : it’s everything I like in a DIY project.

Where would you use it?




3 thoughts on “DIY | Wall pegboard

  1. Love this so much! I’d have one in my kitchen, and maybe in my bathroom for jewelry display. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  2. In the hallway with a narrow full length mirror beside it. I’d use it to put down mail, keys, hang a pretty picture, maybe a bottle with a flower, a box with a brush and lipstick for touchup’s on the way out, on the pegs below the shelf scarves, dogleash etc can be hung, I’d make a high shelf for hats etc. Hallways are always a bit too small and this vertical organisation could help.
    The kitchen also sounds like a good idea, I’d make a wooden rod across for hanging stuff on S-hooks somewhere I think. And maybe one little seperate shelf for a really pretty vase. Maybe a U-shaped shelf for cookbooks.
    Anyhow, ideas are a dime for a dozen!
    Make sure to give it a good coat of paint and/ or hang it above your backsplash.
    Have a wonderful day!

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