Back to school

No, no and no! How did this happen? Maya starts high school today. Where did summer go? Can we rewind? I know we still have a few weeks of summer ahead of us, but today marks the beginning of the end of summer nonchalance, late nights, late starts, homework-free days and such. And can we talk about high school as well? I now have 2 high schoolers at home. I’m having a hard time realizing…

Anyway, have a happy back to school week if you are like me. If not, enjoy guys, it’s coming before than you think. Xo, Si-

'Hula Hoop 1957'
‘Hula Hoop 1957’

3 thoughts on “Back to school

  1. Ditto. I have two high schoolers and today they start back at school. Waaaaaaaaa!!! This is a crime. We used to begin school after Labor Day. Please, Si, with all your powers, rewind the clock on this summer :(

    1. Ha, no my dear, all my superpowers can’t do that! And then, an earthquake the first day of school… great! Did you feel it? #creepy

  2. Crazy, right? A 2.4 magnitude jolt centered near Piedmont. I thought surely it was just the tremors of my emotions as I watched my boys drive off to school on their first day of school. The older one is DRIVING!! :0

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