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3 bedrooms for the weekend


Let’s play a game, shall we? I have selected 3 bedrooms, completely different in style but equally enchanting, inviting and appealing to me : one is minimalist and invites to unwind and relax, the other has more of a lofty-industrial and trendy vibe, while the third one has a strong ethnic-chic/escape ambiance.

Which one would you picture yourself in for the weekend?

Have a lovely one guys, Xo, Si-

3 bedrooms for the weekend | FrenchByDesign

The minimalist bedroom: all white linens and walls, the branch and metal lantern are the only decor elements, to keep the zen and ‘bare’ feel on this bedroom.

3 bedrooms for the weekend | FrenchByDesign

The lofty industrial bedroom : industrial windows and ceiling, this all white bedroom has the trendy and hip feel. 

3 bedrooms for the weekend | FrenchByDesign

The ethnic-chic bedroom : the bed is in a nook, protected in its niche from the outside world. Mint and orangey hues as well as the lovely handmade lamp shade complete the summer look.


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  • Coveted Home

    The minimalist bedroom! Hands down! My bedroom is a cluttery mess right now – so the minimal look is quite appealing. Also, I imagine there is a lovely view out that window.
    – Rachel

  • Cynthia

    The third one! Love, love and more love! I could spend the weekend in this alcove. Thanks for sharing!

  • Yvonne Cornell

    Minimalist, please. I imagine the window next to the bed overlooks the most delightful sea.

  • Ania

    I totally love the last one. Bohemian chic is what I am trying to recreate in my bedroom now. I went for dark blue though and its quite a change after warm orange based colors I used to have.
    As always thanks for inspiration!

  • Laura Emmerson

    They all look so calm and relaxing!

  • Lene Estvad Christoffersen

    I’m in love with blue hues at the moment so would love a weekend hang-out in the lofty industrial bedroom- thank you very much:-)

  • LAU

    Even if my fav style is more the last one… regarding those gorgeous inspiring places for sleeping, I’d choose the 1st one… larger, softer, more bright and comfy!!

  • Barbara

    Looks aside – I wouldn’t call any of these bedrooms comfortable.
    The pendant lamp in the first one is a nuisance when you want to sit in bed. Btw, in all bedrooms proper reading lamps are missing. On top, I would miss curtains or shades, especially in the industrial bedroom. I certainly do not appreciate being exposed to my neighbours’ view when in bed. Also the mattress should be pushed against the wall to provide a kind of headboard. And have you guys ever made a big bed when only one side of the bed is accessible?
    To judge a room, I always see myself in this room doing all the things I would like to do there – like sitting in bed for Sunday breakfast, like reading and, and, and… Can I do all this comfortably is my basic question. If not, the room may still be nice in a photo styling way but it won’t be nice for daily living.

  • Ahoi bSquary

    The handrailing is simply great. Its not 100% related to the topic bedroom. But this is the feature that striked me most.

    • French By Design

      I agree, that raw wood/ branch railing is really cool and unique! Have a lovely weekend!

  • Carol-Ann

    number 1 for me! the simple romantic bed, the metal lantern, oh and these custom made window wooden shutters! love!

  • Fiona

    I love them all. They all look so relaxing and comfy.
    Have a great weekend

  • Lou et Swann

    J’aime les 3 mais c’est dans la première que je m’imagine le plus !


  • amy

    Love #3 so much!

  • Christine

    minimalist for me please !

  • Tori

    I love love love the loft industrial bedroom! The big windows and the bright whites makes it look so airy and fresh! Great finds!