Halloumi, mon ami

I must have lived under a rock, because I just recently discovered halloumi. For those of you who, like me, didn’t know what halloumi is, it’s a cheese originated from Cyprus that has a high melting point and can easily be fried or cooked.

While in France, my friend prepared some grilled halloumi and watermelon bites, and I fell on the floor. Not literally, but, almost. I’ve always loved feta cheese, but if feta was the hot, tanned Mediterranean boyfriend, then halloumi would be a Magic-Mike hot, tanned, muscular, Mediterranean lover – pardon the comparison, but I couldn’t find a more representative analogy – and don’t worry, my dear feta cheese, I still like you a lot!

Halloumi Watermelon Bites | FrenchByDesign

Anyway, within a week, after trying halloumi for the first time, it’s been popping out of nowhere again and again: on my Instagram feed, on Pinterest, everywhere! So here I am with my friend’s recipe, celebrating halloumi cheese. Expect more recipes with this ingredient in the weeks to come, because I am seriously hooked.

Watermelon Halloumi Bites

Halloumi Watermelon Bites | FrenchByDesign

What you need :

  • a handful of mint, basil and 2 garlic gloves
  • some olive oil
  • a watermelon
  • a pack of halloumi cheese

Halloumi Watermelon Bites | FrenchByDesign

Steps :

  • In a blender, mix the mint, basil and garlic gloves. Add the oil to create a smooth green paste – I used my Nutribullet and got a nice, chunk-free basil mint oil.
  • Cut the halloumi cheese in slices, then cut the slice in half.
  • Brush the halloumi cheese with the basil mint oil and cook in a warm pan [or your outside grill], on both sides until halloumi gets a nice brown color and crusty texture.
  • Cut the watermelon in cubes and remove the seeds.
  • Arrange your halloumi watermelon bites [watermelon as a base, then the halloumi] and decorate with fresh mint, sprinkle with salt [optional] and pepper. Voilà!

Do you have a recipe to share with me that uses my new favorite ingredient, aka halloumi? I’d love to try it! Do tell!


Photography : FrenchByDesign © – Original recipe sources back to Bon Appetit Magazine

Pictured : Salt and pepper grinders, available here


19 thoughts on “Halloumi, mon ami

  1. hahaha, the magic mike analogy cracked me up! so funny! this recipe looks like a winner to me! thanks so much for sharing!

  2. I too just recently discovered halloumi and I can’t believe I went 29 years without knowing about it. It’s like a giant cheese curd.

    My favourite recipes are grilled halloumi and eggplant on a bun with olive paste and sometimes mushrooms or grilled halloumi and bbq tofu.

    1. Oh my, sounds delicious! I may try your halloumi burger recipe this coming weekend! Thanks Beth!

  3. Aha!! Halloumi!! Yum. After living in the Middle East for 6 years I have missed it. Off to track some down – sounds yum with the pesto. I sometimes make a similar one with pine nuts x

    1. Oh, I can only imagine the subtle taste of halloumi with pine nuts. Thanks for the tip!

  4. halloumi me once,
    shame on you;
    halloumi me twice,
    shame on me.
    WOW! What a discovery! I’ve been living under the same rock. I’m definitely going to look for this Magic Mike cheese
    (have to confess, loved the movie.)

  5. I love halloumi! Never thought of pairing it with watermelon but am eager to give it a go! I usually just throw some pieces of halloumi into my salads (: Thanks for the recipe!

    X Min, honeyandgazelle.wordpress.com

  6. ¡Fantástica receta! Fácil de elaborar y con un resultado delicioso. Gracias por compartirla con todos/as.

  7. On the beaches of Rio in Brazil, they have vendors that grill halumi cheese on skewers in the tiniest portable grills. It’s the perfect mid-afternoon snack!

    1. Yum, don’t know if I’m more excited by the halloumi skewers or the Brazilian beach part ;-)

  8. I am also keen on halloumi cheese! It`s delicious and quite popular in Poland lately. I`ve been buying it in Carrefour nearby and usually grilled it as well :)
    Mostly I am fond of goat`s milk products, but still in love with cow`s milk cheese – for sure I am not a vegan :D

  9. you can also try feta cheese with watermelon and with a little onion, like a salad… we do this often here in greece

  10. I love halloumi, usually with roast vegetables or just aubergine slices & pesto……..will definitely try with watermelon though!

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