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One of the highlights of my Barcelona trip was the beautiful tile work I spotted on many floors. Unfortunately, I was not able to document my finds – the girls were mad at me the entire trip for taking constantly my camera out and shooting everything I could see, so we had agreed that I would take it easy on playing the paparazzo during our Barcelona escape. I can’t blame them, as I am the one who pushes the #techfreeweekends all year long. It seems fair – and when your teens ask you to drop your device to have a conversation and quality family time, you just do that, friends!

Here is a collection of floors featuring cement tiles. These seem to be coming back in trend big time, so if you have some vintage ones on your floors, by all means, do not cover them or get rid of them! They are so beautiful, and add so much character to an interior, don’t you agree?

Trending : Cement Tiles | FrenchByDesign Trending : Cement Tiles | FrenchByDesign Trending : Cement Tiles | FrenchByDesign Trending : Cement Tiles | FrenchByDesignTrending : Cement Tiles | FrenchByDesign Trending : Cement Tiles | FrenchByDesign

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8 thoughts on “Inspiration | Cement Tiles

  1. Lucky you, I’m dying to visit Barcelona again! And yes, tile floors are definitely having a comeback. I’ve been tile shopping for a client recently and there are so many beautiful options out there right now.

  2. ¡Impresionantes! dan el toque de acabado perfecto para nuestras estancias favoritas, muy originales. Gracias por compartir.

  3. I like this style, very nice and gentle. this floor just perfect! thanks for the idea.

  4. Quelle belle source d`inspiration ces carrelages mosaiques! Je vis à Barcelone et je dois avouer que la premiére chose qui m`a charmè en arrivant ici, ce sont ces mosaiques aux couleurs et formes diverses qui nous rappellent que nous avons passé la frontière. Ce côtè hispanique me plait bien! A très vite, merci pour cet article.

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