Today I’m loving

Loving Red Kitchen | French By Design

Hmm, can I say this is my favorite kitchen… ever? Or I’ve shown so many beautiful kitchens here on this blog that you wouldn’t believe me?

Let me explain and just have a look at these 2 pictures. The power of red, my friends! Isn’t this kitchen simply amazing? I adore the half-painted red walls and the rustic-meets-industrial charm of this kitchen, far from what we keep seeing everywhere lately – aka the “laboratory” kitchens, so trending right now. I could see myself baking pies and experimenting with simple food here.

Do you like it too?

Loving Red Kitchen | French By Design

Photo courtesy of We are Scout


5 thoughts on “Today I’m loving

  1. I do like it! It’s very “pop up”. As if they entered a bare space and set up shop. Love, actually.

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