Hey guys, I am back from Japan but suffering from a strong case of jet-lag. Do you have any tip on how to deal with time zone adjustment? I’ve been trying to eat at regular meal hours and expose myself to the sunlight as much as possible, but am still having a hard time with the 16-hour time difference from Tokyo to San Francisco.

If you have any good tip, please share! Xo, Si-


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  1. I lived in Japan for 6 yrs. and those long flights are killers! I do NOT nap, get lots of sunlight and walk everywhere. Exercise & Hydration is key!

    1. Arrh, I napped!!! Just couldn’t keep my eyes open yesterday round 4pm, the worst! Will try to do better. Thanks Deb for sharing your tips!

  2. I totally know how you feel. When I have been to SF for about one month, it was sooo hard to get back to Germany, I was soooo jetlagged. Try to eat on a regular basis and don’t to naps.
    x Fiona

  3. Lot of water, lot of sunlight and fresh air (the best are in woods and parks)..if needed, try to go to sleep earlier, like 7-8pm and make the bedroom as much as possible comfy to not be wake up in the middle of the night by noise etc…

    I hope we will see some photos from your trip =)

    Have a great day,

  4. Love your instagram pics from Japan, looking forward to hearing about your trip some more!

    A great yoga pose to help with jet lag is Legs Up the Wall. This pose helps drain the legs of stagnant blood and brings fresh oxygen to the brain and body systems. Stay for 10 minutes and it’s nice to do at the end of the day before bed. Deep breathing during the pose will also help circulate oxygen throughout the body and help you feel more balanced and in this ‘zone.’


    1. Thanks Jenn! Glad to read that you enjoyed my Tokyo insta moments.
      I will definitely try this yoga pose, sounds like it would greatly help. Thanks so much!

  5. I think others have said it before but water (lots of it), sunshine and a several little walks during the day, does it for me. They say it take as many days as the time difference in hours, so you’ll like be perfect by the 16th day but would return to a semblance of normalcy much earlier than that, don’t be too hard on yourself, give your body what it needs…

  6. Hi Si

    Thanks for the lovely images from Japan :-) For jet lag I use Melatonin from the pharmacy, it’s natural and is proven to help reset your body clock. Flying back into Australia from Europe is the worst – like flying from Japan to SF (it’s the same direction) the jet lag is so much worse than if you are flying back against ‘time’.

    Good luck!

  7. When flying west to east shortly after dinner on the plane I take an over the counter sleeping pill (Diphnenhydramine, Unisom is a brand) and get as much sleep as I can. After landing I stay awake until approximately my normal bedtime 10:00-11:00PM. Take another sleeping pill, and sleep until morning. Sometimes I’ll take a sleeping pill the second night also. Usually I am over jetlag in 2 days. Exercise is a good addition. I tried melatonin as a cleaner sleeping pill, but it wasn’t potent enough. My regime gives me my life back quicker, no wants to talk to me when I wake wide awake at 1:30AM.

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