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Decorating a teen’s room is a true challenge. I am in the process of redecorating Inès’s room, and pfffou, it’s a tricky business! The room has to reflect your teenager’s personality and have a grown up, yet a cool vibe, to it. I hear Inès “tactfully” say “no, that’s your style, mom, not mine.” And then when she mentions what she likes, all I’m thinking about is that in a few months, she’ll want me to update the wall colors or change completely the style she thinks is soooo cool right now.

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It almost happens overnight. Your teen tells you that their room looks “baby-ish”, embarrassing to show to their friends and not to their taste anymore. The problem is the ever-changing taste and preferences of teenagers: what is awesome today may not have so awesome tomorrow.

Here are a few things I am learning right now to redecorate Inès’ s room on a budget and make a room that fits her ‘teenage” life:

  • I am planning lots of storage – in drawers, because the dusting and housecleaning in my teen’s room does not happen very often. I am thinking that if her stuff is stored away from dust and we’re limiting the shelving situation, she’ll have a much easier time to clean.
  • I am also trying to incorporate a seating, chill-out area. She often has friends over and needs more areas to hang out in addition to her bed : low bench, bean bags, etc….
  • Finally, I try to invest in small accessories to create the mood : funky and shaggy pillows. These will be easy – and cheaper – to upgrade if she changes her mind about the style of her room in a few months.

Teen Rooms | FrenchByDesign Teen Rooms | FrenchByDesign Teen Rooms | FrenchByDesign Teen Rooms | FrenchByDesign

Do you have any other tips you think I should know? I’d love your input!

I’ll be sharing pics of Inès’s finished room soon. Wish me luck, she’s a tough client to please! ;-) Xo, Si-

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9 thoughts on “Decorating for Teens

    1. Thanks Simone, this looks lovely, but Inès wants more of a hippie-boho look :/ so tricky to achieve without looking to messy, plus her room is rather small.
      Thanks so much for sharing this! Xo-

      1. Ps if the room is rather small, I would advise to put the bed with a long side along a wall. Somehow in the US they have two tendencies in laying out a room I never understand: the beds are placed with the “head” of the bed towards the window (I like to look out when I am awake and it blocks the sun). Second, in childrens rooms they place the bed with the head of the (single) bed against a wall, effectively using up any room for desks, dancing, comfortable chairs, bookcases etc. I have no idea how that came to be.

  1. so fresh and delightfully chic I’d love to have a bedroom like that and I’m well into adulthood

  2. I just redid my 13 year old’s room. Out went any pink, in came her choice: white walls, grey Moroccan trellis rug, grey bedside tables and bench at end of bed, Robin’s Egg blue bedside lamps, fun vibrant bedding from Urban Outfitters, and we are painting the back of her bookcase and bathroom to match (a deeper blue than the lamps). It is so mature and restful while still playful. More to the point, she loves it! Oh and fun bits – a new electric guitar and vinyl record turntable!!!

    1. Oh my, this sounds like a fabulous room! So many good ideas – pink is a big no no here too ;) and I absolutely love the idea of a vinyl record turntable!
      Thanks for sharing your project, Erika!

  3. I can only imagine how quickly it comes along. If I were to have my way, I’d be going for the very top image, uber cool! Have a great weekend Si (well, it’s weekend for me now!) Mel xx

  4. I like the first one too. Love boho etnic vibes but that is a big NO for my 15 years old boy. He allso want to get rid of his bunk bed and want one lower and wider. It is not easy I tell you :). Specially as his room is narrow and long. And my client have new idea every second day…once he would like very dark room, next day he suggest white with a lot of Green day posters to look just like wallpapers. Grrr I’m confused. Have you any ideas?

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