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The best chocolate mousse you will ever taste


Chocolate Mousse | French By Design

I made my chocolate mousse yesterday for the gang and it had been so long since I had prepared it, I had forgotten how yummy it was, and how easy it was to prepare. So naturally, I grabbed the camera and shot the mousse before it was devoured.

Chocolate Mousse | French By Design

Here is what you need: 

  • 3.5 oz of dark chocolate
  • 3 eggs

Chocolate Mousse | French By Design

  • Melt the chocolate, and separate the egg whites from the egg yolks.
  • Add the egg yolks to the melted chocolate – If you chose unsweetened chocolate, add a couple of teaspoons of sugar.
  • Beat the egg whites until fluffy.
  • Put the egg whites with the chocolate mixture and mix well.
  • Refrigerate for 2 to 3 hours and serve.