Valentine Cocktail | Kiss on the Lips

It’s almost Valentines’ day and I thought this cocktail was the perfect recipe to celebrate this special day. My good friend Sharon shared with me this recipe from a Carnival cruise where she tried it first. It’s always a hit, but I thought Valentines day was the perfect occasion to re-share it with you. It’s called Kiss on the Lips. I mean, how more Valentines’ Day appropriate could a cocktail be named?

Kiss on the Lips Valentines Cocktail | French By Design blog

Here is what you need [for 2 cocktail glasses]:

  • 2.5 oz of peach schnapps
  • 10 oz of frozen mango mix
  • 2 Tsp of grenadine syrup

Mix the mangos with crushed ice and the peach schnapps in a blender. Place the grenadine syrup at the bottom of the serving glasses, then pour the mango/schnapps mixture on top of it. Happy Valentines’ Day!

Photography by Radostina - Styling by me

Note : Vintage serving glasses thrifted at the Alameda flea market, sour gummy hearts from Williams- Sonoma


Art direction and styling FrenchByDesign – Photography Radostina Bosseva


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  1. This beats flowers and chocolate for sure! Thanks for the recipe and happy Valentine’s Day, Si!

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