Color Trends and Marsala

Marsala | French By Design

Raise your hands if you can’t keep up with the “Color of the Year” updates from the different paint companies. Cayenne, Orchid, now Marsala by Pantone. Then recently, I went to a Benjamin Moore press event, and was told Guilford Green was the 2015 color of the year. Oh, I’ve also heard that yellow was a big player in 2015.

But Pantone, people. Pantone is to me THE reference in color. Every time they come up with a color of the year, I’m thinking: “nah, not happening for me.” And every time, I see it peek first in fashion, then in home interior palettes. So let’s talk a bit about this Marsala trend. While I would have sworn a month ago that I would never ever use it, I’m changing my mind about it. Well, sort of.

No, I will never paint one of my house walls in Marsala, nor will I ever buy a sofa in Marsala.

But I would use Marsala in fashion [hello fall nail polish and lipstick shades] or accents in my home. The best way I think to incorporate Marsala in a space is through a rug. Like a deep red, burgundy, and coral hued Kilim rug.

A visit to the new A Côté store – sister company of Cotélac, a French brand I’m very fond of – in San Francisco is pretty much what made me change my mind about Marsala. Look at that rug, mixed with the mid-century wicker chair and this wonderful canary blue back wall [top picture]! I’m totally falling for this.

Marsala | French By Design

Here are other examples of use of Marsala in rugs.

What do you think, yay, or nay to Marsala?

Marsala | French By Design

Marsala | French By Design

Marsala | French By Design

Sources : [Top 2] FrenchByDesign - Otomihome - Deko - Time of the Aquarius - JPS Interactive
Sources : [Top 2] FrenchByDesignTime of the AquariusJPS InteractiveDeko and Otomi Home 

11 thoughts on “Color Trends and Marsala

  1. Reds are difficult for me but brownish-reds work — it’s warmth without screaming red. I’m pro-marsala!

  2. LOVE the carpet of kilims but was very excited to see the vintage kitchen drawer set given a new lease of life. I source these in Switzerland, restore and resell them but have never seen one painted and used in such a contemporary setting. It works so well.

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