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4 easy tricks to a fresh smelling home


4 easy tips for a fresh smelling home | French By Design

House cleaning is not my thing. Sure, I clean my house regularly, vacuum 2 to 3 times a week – because when you live with 2 teens and a medium-to-high-shedding dog, it’s a requirement. But I’m not enjoying myself while I clean. Like ever. The thing that bothers me the most is the time it takes to clean, versus the time it takes for the house to be messy again.

I’ve learnt a few tricks over the years to keep the fresh clean smell of the house between two major cleanings, and with Spring peeking [ok, I may be stretching it a bit for the East Coast US readers who are currently experiencing frigid temps’, but bare with me here] I thought it was the perfect timing to share my #notsoperfect housewife secrets.

So here are my 4 main tricks to keep a fresh smell around my home.

4 easy tips for a fresh smelling home | French By Design

My first easy trick is the fresh herbs on the stove top. I also use some lavender or rosemary essential oils and add a few drops to some water. I let it boil and it gives the entire first floor a very fresh smell. Easy peesy, and if you have some aromatic plants in the yard, the budget is pretty much zero dollar.


4 easy tips for a fresh smelling home | French By Design

My second trick is the aroma diffuser, I got mine at Amazon and add a few drops of essential oil in it – make sure you use an essential oil that contains no alcohol. I’m addicted to the Aloha Orchid Capri smell. What I like the most is that the model I got shuts off automatically every 15 mms and starts again to spread that wonderful smell for up to 24 hours. So it smell good until the water reserve is empty, and I don’t have to worry about switching it off.


4 easy tips for a fresh smelling home | French By Design

Now, this is a trick I learned from my sister. I love candles, and I get so mad when the wick dies before the candle does – you know this last inch and a half of unusable candle? Doesn’t this drive you mad as well? Well, I bought this candle warmer for less than 15 dollars and use it with my old candles. Again, the model I chose shuts off automatically so I don’t have to stress about leaving a candle on.


4 easy tips for a fresh smelling home | French By Design

And finally, my favorite fresh smelling home partner : the Fresh Scents. If you’ve never heard or used these, you’ve been missing, dear friends. These littles guys are pure magic. I use them when I change my vacuum bag. I simply add two tablespoons of these in the bag and every time I run the vacuum cleaner, I get the smell everywhere around the house. Magic I tell you! Cost? $2.50 a pack, proudly made in the USA by a small company in South Carolina. These little fresh scents envelopes are not limited to the vacuum bag, but that’s how I use them mainly. They can be stored in your closet, car, bathrooms, trash cans… anywhere! Magic I tell you!

So here were my tips for a fresh smelling home, but I’m always looking for new tips. Do you have one to share with me today? I’d love to hear yours!


  • Leandra Guillet

    This is great! My apartment is really old and sometimes smells like wet clothes, so these will totally help with that!

    Thank you!


  • Michael

    Great ideas, that candle warmer is something we need..we have a big consumption of candles and those remains are driving me crazy as you mentioned =D
    Thank you for tip ;)

    • French By Design

      Ha, glad to read I’m not the only one these leftover candles drive crazy! You’ll love the candle warmer. I couldn’t believe I did not even know they existed before my sister told me about them. Have a lovely day Michael!

  • Natalia

    Great ideas! I do the first at Xmas time with cloves, cinnamon and orange peels. Never thought to do it when I need a fresh scent in the house. And love the vacuum powder. Thanks!!

    • French By Design

      You’re very welcome Natalia. Happy I could share my tips with you – and yes, the fresh scents powder does wonders, really!

  • tea in tangiers

    will definitely start boiling a few herbs on the stovetop – especially as my kitchen is right by the front door so a perfect welcome. My favourite aroma however . . . nothing beats the scent that comes out of my moka pot in the morning!

  • Dyanna Littke

    I really like the idea of heating fresh herbs. I have the same aroma diffuser for essential oils, but this would be a great way to get some moisture in the air at the same time for dry months- thank you!

  • Tayyaba

    I feel crazy for asking but was that rosemary that you were boiling or lavender? I can never tell the difference between them. :\

  • Patricia

    Great tips. What is a candle warmer? Where is it sold? Thanks. :)

    • French By Design

      I had no idea this little thing existed either before my sister mentioned it to me! So, instead of burning your candle, you let the wax warm up on this candle warmer. The wick is never used, instead it’s the heat from the melting candle on the candle warmer that spreads the smell. And it shuts off by itself after 12 hours or so, so you never have to worry about unattended candles burning.
      I got mine on Amazon. Here is the link :

  • Ardith

    Thank you, Si! I’ve added the diffuser to my Amazon wish list. Can’t wait to try it out. Cheers, Ardith

  • Anna

    Hi could you please tell me the brand of diffuser?

  • cristine mcc

    Great ideas!

    Having a very sheddy Dalmatian I have to vacuum often. Dals don’t have a “doggy” scent, but their fur does when it’s heated up, so for years I’ve been tossing handfuls of dried French lavender on the rug-especially in his sleeping areas & vacuuming it up (I get a large bag of organic lavender from Amazon for dead cheap). The more I vacuum, the more the lavender’s heated up & the more scent is released.
    It makes the house smell amazing & is also very calming.

    • French By Design

      Great tip, love the idea of tossing lavender around Daisy’s sleeping areas – especially since it’s a natural repellent to bugs, fleas, ticks and other unfriendly visitors ;-) Thanks Cristine for this tip!

  • Marie

    Having a high shedding dog that like to live life on the edge and my paranoia, I had to give up my candles but I’m even more in love with my aroma diffuser. My favorite is mixing grapefruit and eucalyptus. So relaxing.

  • Jessica Mennie

    These tips are fantastic! I would never have thought about heating herbs. I’m terrible for burning and burning candles endlessly, so I’ll have to try some of these tips. Thanks for sharing. X

    Jess X


  • Jan

    Please be careful when diffusing essential oils around pets. Preferably in a room that they do not spend much time in.

  • jess

    Oh cool tips, I need to try that stovetop one!

  • Amy

    love your tips!! Especially about the end of the candles!!! One more tip to add that I use…spray a cotton ball with your favorite essential oil, perfume or body spray then simply vacuum up the cotton ball…also smells great while vacuuming (and seems to cover the stink of the dog hair inside the vacuum as I have 3 medium dogs). Thanks again! Amy