7 Back-to-work worthy workspaces

Hello there! I hope you had a great break – mine was so good, frankly, I’m having a hard time getting out of my hibernating mode. So to celebrate this first week of work, I’ve collected my favorite workspaces – the kind of spaces that make the back-to-work routine all exciting. Have a great Monday and a lovely week!

Which one of these workspaces is your favorite?

Hitta hem via DecorDots
Christopher Johnsson for Hitta hem via DecorDots
Pearls and Curls and Preppygirls
Pearls and Curls and Preppy Girls
[Clockwise] Vt Wonen - Digs Digs -Vt Wonen  and Mon Cahier d'Images
[Clockwise] Mon Cahier d’ImagesVt Wonen [2] and Digs Digs
Time of the Aquarius
Time of the Aquarius

9 thoughts on “7 Back-to-work worthy workspaces

  1. Hello, Bonne année!!! I love the first photo!! So original and easy way to hang photos and small objet!!! I love your blog and begins my day looking at your blog! my best for you and your family!

    1. Oh, thank you Clara! And a happy new year to you and your loved ones! Xx-

  2. Superbe Année 15 a toi aussi et ta superbe TRIBU in SF!!
    Je réalise avec ta sélection que j’ai toujours privilégié des workspaces (at home ou office) qui n’étaient pas contre un mur… fenêtre ou open space that’s my way… reste donc a trouver le bon emplacement pour ce super moodbard de la 1ere photo qui donne envie de bosser, on est bien d’accord!!
    Bonne rentrée a toi!

  3. Happy 2015!

    This post came timely! I’m currently collecting inspo for my workspace corner. Need to organize wires and endless stacks of paper, clippings and supplies. Organizing the office is a task that doesn’t seem to end. But I guess that’s a true sign of good business– our so I hope! Thanks for the inspiration! I looove the second picture and the last one.


  4. Just found out that I will be telecommuting this year. Exciting but was scrambling for where to work. Great ideas!

  5. I love the colours of the last one! And wish I had such a space instead of renovation nightmare! (Currently working from sofa, which I guess is okay ;)) Happy New Year.

  6. What awesome workspaces! The first picture (the one with the clips) is my favorite. Might actually try to do something like at my own workspace. Great post!

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