Introducing Framebridge

I’m partnering up with Framebridge to introduce you to a fun new way to print and frame your Instagram shots, iPhone or camera pictures. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that since I moved to San Francisco, one of my favorite hobbies is to walk on the beach with Miss Daisy, and ‘stalk’ surfers – I don’t surf, but I find surf and surfers extremely photogenic, and it’s always a sight that gives me peace and relaxes me from the daily stress. My passion quickly became a hashtag, called #surferseries and I often share my snaps on Instagram. So, with the help of Framebridge, I now have my #SurferSeries shots framed and displayed at home. I’m so proud to share them today with you.

Introducing Framebridge | French By Design Introducing Framebridge | French By Design Introducing Framebridge | French By Design

Even Miss Daisy got some of her Instagram portraits framed by Framebridge and has been admiring herself all weekend long ;-)

Introducing Framebridge | French By Design

What’s really great about this new service is the simplicity of its use. First, you download the Framebridge iPhone app [1] on your phone [you can also go online on the Framebridge website, order frames from pictures that you upload, or directly from your Instagram feed.

Then, you select your picture from your camera roll [2], choose your frame within a selection of 25+ styles of frame [3], add to your cart, and voilà, you’re done! Your frame will arrive directly at home [4], ready to hang.

The price? Super competitive, ranging from $79 to $149 dollars for the extra large frame, and only $39 dollars for an Instagram mini, which is the option I chose and is pictured here. Super simple, right?

Introducing Framebridge | French By Design

Framebridge also offers standard framing service on artwork, paintings, diplomas or pretty much anything that you want to frame. Just send your art [they’ll send you a prepaid package], and they’ll frame it for you.


Framebridge is offering a 15% coupon to all French By Design readers. Simply enter code FRENCHBYDESIGN at checkout [valid until January, 27, 2015].


• This post is sponsored by Framebridge. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that make FrenchByDesign possible.


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