I ♡ weekend

Yay to weekend! What are you up to? Christmas shopping? Putting the tree up? We are still open to vote in the household for a real Christmas tree this year again. I keep wanting alternative Christmas tree options, but my girls once again are vetoing the idea and want a real Christmas tree. I have a feeling they’ll win again this year, so we might spend some family time getting and decorating a real tree while listening to Christmas remixes. Wishing you a great weekend! Xo, Si-

The yard Pdx - Crush Cul de Sac - Free People - Fashionable Aspen
The Yard Crush Cul de SacFree PeopleFashionable Aspen

7 thoughts on “I ♡ weekend

  1. These past few years we had swapped a real tree for a plastic one (especially since having Lucas!) but as it is our first Xmas in our newly renovated home, I want to make it special so I will go for a real one this year

  2. Picking up a real tree today, love the smell of pine:)
    Won’t have the snow down here in sunny Victoria, Australia though!
    Love the spirit of celebrating family coming together:)
    Thanks for sharing so many beautiful pictures & stories this year!!

    1. Oh, thank you so much Carmel! Very touched by your words. Happy holiday season in Australia! Xx-

    1. Thank you very mych for these sweet words, Marc. Happy holidays to you! Xx-

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