Monday workspace

Can someone explain to me how on earth it is possible we’re only 30 days away from Christmas? How did this happen?  This will be a short week here on the blog as we are getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving at the end of the week. Happy Monday everyone!

Photography Radostina Bosseva - Styling FrenchByDesign

Art direction and styling FrenchByDesign – Photography Radostina Bosseva


13 thoughts on “Monday workspace

  1. Hahaaaa, no worries, Christmas time is the best time of the year ;), you just need to avoid those shoppingmalls runners and madpeople ;) (for me, till the end of the year, the only things I will need from this day, will be food things..all the others I bought in advance =) and because I am fan of local markets and small shops, I will avoid this everyyear Christmas madness at all =) and just enjoy some hot wein on Christmas markets in town ^_^ )

    Btw., nice styling, simple and that tree can be as Christmas tree ;)

    Nice Monday to you too,
    Michael / facebook

    1. Hey Yvonne. Thank you for the compliment. Actually there is only a natural light here. I was so excited by the beautiful styling that Si does, that I completely forgot about reflectors and so on :) I hope that this helps.

      1. Well, it’ so darn perfect that it’s good you forgot “the lighting stuff.” I guess I got fooled by that cool vertical wire with bare bulb. I love all your work – here on Si’s site and on your own blog. Cheers, Y

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