I ♡ weekend

Wishing you a great weekend! Besides driving the girls to their different Halloween events and hosting a couple of sleepovers this weekend, this is where you’ll find me all weekend long : nested in my sofa, shoes off, sipping a cup of coffee or cocoa, while listening to music and catching up with a pile of unread magazines. Happy Halloween folks!

How about you, any fun activities planned for this weekend?

Weekend Inspiration | French By Design blog

Weekend Inspiration | French By Design blog

All pictures by me
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8 thoughts on “I ♡ weekend

  1. What a lovely, peaceful retreat for the weekend. The temperatures here in my town are going to a low of 20 with a chance of SNOW! Can you believe it? Although my sofa doesnt look like yours, I’m sure I will also be nestled in either watching a movie with the fiance, or reading, or maybe getting my post ideas ready for #NaBloPoMo! Happy Halloween!

    1. Oh my! Snow already? But this absolutely calls for a comfy weekend on the sofa indeed! Enjoy your weekend! Xx-

  2. I fell in love with those nike shoes the Very minute you posted the pics. I’ve been trying to get a pair desperately without success …They wouldn’t ship them to my end from Usa…as i live in Mallorca Spain…can’t get them here Or any other country in Europe as They are out of stock …so sad .

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